City daze city Nights

I don’t know how to start so here I go with this.

I like to stay silent when you hear what I say but you don’t listen, I guess we’re both hypocrites. 

I want the  one but I don’t not wish to control. I’m naive, short tempered, and have to work on keeping myself together. 

people can change that’s what you said I been working hard to change for the better. 

I look at the table and the cards I’m dealt

with all my shame I change but it doesn’t change the way I felt.

I look forward till the day we meet again 

Though no one belongs to no one should it matter if I am just a friend.

Life journey has brought me far across the globe a new me is what I aim to find. 

I made memories and I seek many more something to fill the void in my heart and the pain on my mind. 

In life I hope you seek the best and what makes you happy 

I guess we all are looking for it.


  • Goldfinch60

    Looking for the best is the way to go Dakota, it as all we can do and by using that best we can help others.


    • Dakota

      Insightful as always brother

    • L. B. Mek

      yup, that's exactly my MO
      in relationships
      give it all you got, leave no room for regret
      but listen and Trust, your instincts
      if someone's influence in your life is negative,
      draw your line,
      wish them the best
      and move on
      to Your: Next!
      (great message, thanks for sharing)

      • Dakota

        Thank you for reading ✊🏽

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