I looked up to you when times were bad,
I looked up to you when times were sad,
I always laughed when you were by my side,
Until you went behind my back and lied,
You hurt me so badly that nothing can compare.

I hate having flashbacks of things I don't want to remember,
I hate being broken by the person that I trusted the most,
I hate missing your smile, your laugh, your jokes,
I hate missing your everything.

I wish I never trusted you,
I wish I never gave you a chance,
I wish I didn't grow too fond of you,
I wish I didn't grow to love you.

I wanted so badly to think you were different,
I tried so hard,
But in the end you still hurt me,
You still made me cry,
I guess the love that I showed you,
The love that I gave meant nothing to you.

But you know what, I forgive you,
I forgive you but I will never forget what you did to me,
For the damage you did me will last forever,
And since you were never there for me,
Since you are not here for me,
I'm tired of breaking,
I'm tired of being hurt,
I can't take this anymore,
I'm tired of being betrayed,
I'm done.


  • L. B. Mek

    good for you!
    thanks for sharing

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good emotive write Lauretta but I know that the real person for you will come into your life and all will be full of love.

    Welcome to MPS.

    • Lauretta13

      Thank you so much

    • spilleronsheet

      It’s heart wrenching to read it
      But you have the universe with you
      Your words shall be loyal to you
      And it’s better to let go
      And to forgive
      Because the beauty lies within you
      To love and to be loved is your right
      Soon you shall find the right one
      Who maybe just beside

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