Jon Nakapalau

it often ends that way

people who had so much to say to each other

silent right before they separate
as if further conversation would only emphasize

a parting already moving forward
but these lost conversations often come back

sometimes years later
you hear a voice or a laugh

that trips you into the past
without warning 

and you stumble 
to that time when there was still time

to try to work it out
for me it is always rainy days

and that last picnic
when we just sat in the rain

grass so green
soft under the blanket 

you asked me if i wanted to leave
both of us knowing we were not talking about a picnic

and i asked you what you wanted to do
you said we should just sit on the grass

the rain would pass soon
no reason to let it ruin our picnic 

you handed me a salami sandwich
but took nothing for yourself

then i knew you had left
and this was just your way of sharing a last moment

and in that silence
i knew there was so much to say

but in your twenties
it is so hard to see what you are about to lose 

now the taste of salami
on rainy days

is something i really try to avoid. 


  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful emotive words Jon.


  • hotidris

    Sad poem about you and the girl that you loved breaking up.

    • Jon Nakapalau

      Thanks my friend.

      • hotidris

        You're welcome, my friend.

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