A thousand...

Something gets caught in my throat and I can't breathe 

 I open my eyes but I can't see

I start to panic because everything's black

I gasp for air and take a step back


I trip, stumble and fall to the ground

I curl up in a ball and cover my ears

To block out the sounds of the I hate yous 


I feel abandoned

Isolated from the world

I have walked alone with the stars in the sky 

Trying to grasp what I used to be 


I've seen a thousand things 

I'll tell you everything I know

I have seen a thousand lies

And what they show


I'll tell you where I stand

And where I want to belong 

I have always dreamed of a greater tomorrow 

Where there is so much less sorrow 

And hate in the world 


I've dreamed of being happy 

To truly laugh and smile

To walk in the darkest nights and feel alive 

For my light to shine for a thousand years 



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