Paul Bell

The Crows

Her mother had been dead a month now

This was her third visit to the grave

She had noticed the crows on her first visit

Sat at the grave four rows in front of her mum

They were back again today

There was something ugly about crows, she thought

Like death was their home

She wondered why they only sat at that grave

Was there more than usual today

Maybe she was just imagining things

It made her uncomfortable though

She noticed more crows flying in

It was like they were waiting for something

Suddenly they began to claw at the grave

As if they were trying to get to the body

The clawing intensified into a frenzy

She could feel the noise pierce right through her

Then everything stopped

One by one the crows disappeared into the grave

She sat petrified, unable to move

Like she was in some horror film

She waited for the crows to reappear

They didn't

A strange light caught her attention

She could feel herself walking towards the grave

Looking inside to what looked like a crypt

The stairs beckoned her in

Slowly she entered.


His father had been dead a month now

This was his third visit to the grave

He had noticed the crows on his first visit

He wondered why they only sat at that grave.


  • Lorna

    So dark and perfect for Halloween!

    • Paul Bell

      It's coming.

    • Maxine Smith

      Very fitting for this time of year.

      Great read

      • Paul Bell

        Puts you in the mood for pumpkin.

      • Teddy.15

        I'm beginning to think you are the grim reaper, 🤣 your tales so dark, crows they have always freaked me out, sitting on the t.v Ariel on top of the house always freaked me.out. crows are dark. An excellent vision.

        • Paul Bell

          You'll not want me trick or treating you then dressed in my crow outfit. lol

          • Teddy.15

            Hell no! 😂

          • Robert Haigh

            A dark and intriguing write! Subterranean journey to a hellish new existence, perhaps! Or a fate worse than death!

            • Paul Bell

              A new existence in hell, could be worse, I suppose. lol

            • Casper_the_ghost

              Brilliant! There’s a certain dark, Lovecraftian element to this work

              • Paul Bell

                I'm spending too long in the graveyard researching.

              • Eugene S.

                Really interesting read! Awesome!

                • Paul Bell

                  Like the monocle.

                • hotidris

                  That's a scary poem about the crows.

                  • Paul Bell

                    Crows do sort of scare the shit out of you.

                    • hotidris

                      You're right about that.

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                    • Goldfinch60

                      Good dark words Paul.


                      • Paul Bell

                        That time is coming.

                      • Munro

                        There something sinister about crows , I have never seen them near a grave I have known tho, but this is like. Hitchcock Story , well Done , enjoyable

                        • Paul Bell

                          Crows just look sinister.

                        • Doggerel Dave

                          One of the most intelligent of the bird kingdom -- fair enough, considering.......

                          • Paul Bell

                            Can't crow with that.

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