Doggerel Dave

Time Traveler.

Notice of absence from Doggerel Dave
5/4/22 (Day/Month/Year) Hospital admission. Knee joint replacement surgery.
Be good and take care until my return.

Now although my Italian trips were few

I covered Rome, Milan and Venice too.

A fortnight in each made my stays quite rich.

Also felt the power of a time glitch:


You recognize it already, don’t you?

Because for many this is nothing new:

A train journey super fast and modern

Space travel on rails – forward, no return.


Rome to Venice a journey sleek and smooth,

Superior to air travel in truth.

Disembark, exit platform; where to though?

I’m surrounded by a Canaletto.


Time travel illusion complete.






  • Goldfinch60

    May that illusion become reality Dave and may Caneletto fill your life with beauty.


    • Doggerel Dave

      It did and it didn’t, Andy for the fortnight I was there.
      First, no one really believed I wanted to stay two weeks – the travel agent told me that three days was more than enough!! (after I felt I could have stayed much longer). My Bed and Breakfast was located in an area close by the Rialto bridge – an area infested by other tourists whom I would judge to be more interested in ticking Venice off their bucket list than appreciating what the place had to offer. Not me – I explored the whole city as much as I could – Galleries, churches, notable buildings, the streets, continually gloriously lost….

      • Goldfinch60

        Well done to you, if you go to places like this you must go to the places all around and get a proper feeling about the place.


      • dusk arising

        Intrigued by your poem i discovered my own ignorance. Never had that travel bug to wander the globe nor an appreciation of artists of that ilk. How different we humans can be, I felt my 'hum-drum-ness' exposed.
        Mind you, I'd have loved the trains. I've been a railways nut since childhood.
        Enjoyed the read and where it took me.

        • Doggerel Dave

          Yes I can relate to your passion for train travel, dusk. I've traveled from Sydney to Perth on the Indian Pacific and in Canada took the Canadian Pacific from Vancouver to Toronto - much the more scenic of the two.
          Alas, my travelling days are over, but I have good memories.

        • Paul Bell

          One country I've yet to visit.
          Now, are Italians like Londoners, they see you coming towards them with a map, and they bolt.

          • Doggerel Dave

            Venetians have an issue with floods of tourists who come in and 'do' the place in 24-48 hours, and rightly so. Note that cruise ships have been banned from inner Venice -now they have to find a way to ban the passengers......

          • Lorna

            Lucky lucky you to have done this..... I agree the longer the better so you could almost feel you belonged there.

            • Doggerel Dave

              Poor effort as a piece of poetry, but that initial illusion was magical. The subsequent two weeks were energizing, so full of texture and interest, I was reluctant to leave.Thanks for calling in, Lorna.

            • Neville

              Been there, done that, had the tee shirt nicked & wrote about it all way back .................. I simply love travelling .. Neville

              • Doggerel Dave

                Write when and where, Nev? - I'd like to catch up.

              • Fay Slimm.

                Longer the better for me too Dave - so glad you saw lots while you were there. Great read.

                • Doggerel Dave

                  Hi Fay - thanks for your visit here… The period of travel for me covered from ’97 to 2014. Mostly Europe ending in the UK where I had connections. Also New York and Canada (Had planned on more of America, but an accident in the UK prevented that on one trip). Strategy was always to spend two weeks in the centre of big cities (Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, Vienna etc) with occasional forays into more remote locations (Though where in Europe would you define as ‘remote’?!) Twelve week trips every couple of years.
                  Those two weeks were grand in each occasion – not only museums and art galleries but local guided tours on foot, markets, streetscapes, texture, foods and drink. But over that period I noticed an increase in fly-by-night tourist infestation everywhere – in galleries particularly noticeable – look at a work, and in front would bob up a tourist with back to painting and camera on selfie stick, a click and move on….

                • Miss Pain

                  i need an invite to this place and time

                  • Doggerel Dave

                    Well when the world opens up again between pandemics, don't hesitate - it will be a rewarding experience - thanks for your call.

                  • Munro

                    Beautiful places , I love Italy

                    • Doggerel Dave

                      I would go back to Venice if i had the chance.....

                      Take care of yourself Munro.

                      • Munro

                        I’ve never been to Venice, Dave , my wife has ,
                        I’ve seen it on the telly ,,,it’s lovely , but expensive so I hear
                        Take care Dave ,

                      • Relic

                        I've never been lucky enough to travel with exception of Devil's tower where Close encounters of a third kind was filmed. And the fastest I ever travelled on a train was probably 30 miles an hour. 🙂

                        But I can always dream and the future is still ahead.

                        Nice verses, Dave. 🙂

                        • Doggerel Dave

                          "Always look on the bright side..."

                          Thanks mate.

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