On my side

While walking 

in daylight

Trodding by the park beside

lost in thoughts

as usual every time

under the shades of huge blue

worrying about uncertainties in life

questioning the possibilities of life

Will life bring  surprise

will tomorrow be a fulfilling sight

or a glaring nightmare to fight 


under the sun

walking in no shade

only she was beside

without leaving 

she walked together

following the actions of mine

we looked in dismay

this opportunity gone

shall we stand again

stand again to give a fight

thanks to the glaring sunlight

or the  bulbs glowing at night

she was beside

holding myself together along

we walked in respite




the night crept in

where was she ?

she wasn’t beside

I looked for her 

with darkness around

she was gone

why in dark,

I was left alone…..






  • yellowrose

    I like this writing of yours ) sometimes we can worry about what the future holds .., but we all need comfort and not to be left alone in the dark

    • spilleronsheet

      That’s so true Rose
      We all have our own struggles…but being with others its easier to cross the road…the destination may seem afar but journey will be harmonious if we are not alone

    • Teddy.15

      This made me think, she could have been your special person or she could have been you, of course.having someone to share everything with through good and bad is certainly a tool of positivity as long as they are that special, sometimes we also walk with those who wish us misery and harm, oh there you go again making me think. Excellent dear friend. 🤗

      • spilleronsheet

        Thank you so much Teddy….it gives me immense pleasure that you liked it…well your close to who she is

      • Robert Haigh

        A poem of intrigue. Open to interpretation by the reader. Life is an easier journey with at least one friend to count on.

        • spilleronsheet

          So true dear Reader
          Thanks for a visit and your comments are much appreciated

        • Goldfinch60

          With the light in your life spilleronsheet she will always be with you.


          • spilleronsheet

            Thank you so much Andy
            I am sure she is already there

          • Munro

            You can worry about anything
            Once you realise that’s your purpose
            To overcome worry

            • spilleronsheet

              Ohhh a deep thought
              I shall focus myself there

            • Munro

              You can worry about anything
              Once you realise that’s your purpose
              To overcome worry

            • cbdave

              Great write

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