Where shall it end

Roller coaster of emotions 

blind the eyes 

wish the sky; could paint with only blue 

yet again the fingers clenched by 

hearing the neighbours smirk 

why does the mind cry

he lived as a sage

Ordaining and shutting inside

with no tides surging inside

yet again the fingers clenched

tears shed from heaven

In anguish and pain

though he knew 

he was a lion 

he kept fighting 

to stand over toes 

while onlookers laughed 

laughed at his continuous mistakes 

days were counting 

once the ruler 

now in seclusion 

taken for granted became a ritual 

today sun rises for all 

why is it sunset for him 

when shall darkness depart 

when shall he sail 

he sacrificed all 

what he wished to acclaim 

no, his desires weren’t simple 

Walking through fire 

cause competition was intense 

did he lack competency 

he questioned 

for a moment; he swayed

Swayed by their criticism 

decided to end 

end the insanity 

which cried in his brain 

he shouted 

he plead 

for the noise to end 

what if the chaos could end 

end with only settling them 


why does the sky not reflect blue ?

why does the poetry not rhyme ?

why did  the river dry ?

why does the savings quenched ?

where shall it end ?




  • Teddy.15

    Dearest Spilleronsheet , Lost inside a poem or lost inside ones self we never find all the answers, all we can do is live with the facts that we were at our best always. Beautiful, sad but a lot of reflective lines.

    • spilleronsheet

      I indeed got lost in myself
      The words became more dizzy
      You really could hear me

      • spilleronsheet

        At times friends keep us alive
        Your comments are much needed to get along the next day
        Thank you so much Teddy

      • Teddy.15


        • spilleronsheet

          And these hearts so much needed
          Thank you Teddy

        • Robert Haigh

          Highly poetic imagery in this achingly sad poem, my friend. Beautifully expressed.

          • spilleronsheet

            Thank you so much dear Robert
            Initially when I started, I read a line
            β€œBeware before it kills you, kill that which you made”
            At times we get so much embed in our lives with difficulties surrounding us, that our poetry seems so lost and questioning
            They become vivid running afar from their existence
            I don’t know what I am even-blabbering about
            It’s like caught in a web of words
            Thank you so much dear reader for your kind words

          • Vamsi Sudha

            Dear Spiller, Every Tunnel has a bright opening !! It will Surely END there. Optimism is the best friend of life. Never leave it at any cost. wonderful heartful write as usual !!!

            • spilleronsheet

              Thank you so much dear Vamsi
              It surely means a lot when I hear from you
              At times confusion rages inside, with growing insecurities a man suffers dilemmas and fear of future
              And in those moments maybe the mind plays game

            • Goldfinch60

              Wonderfully emotive words spilleronsheet.


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