Paul Bell

The Occasions.

A good day there would be little blood
A bad day, she could paint the room
Though, that was a definite mistake
But then again, she was just a beginner
Not a virgin as such
She was never a virgin
The stomach was the best place to cut
It was hidden
Like the guilt
Eating away everyday
Birthdays were the worse
His special occasion
You didn’t bleed so much from the stomach
The pain was also stronger
But it was a nice sort of pain
It belonged to her
The years have passed
Seemed strange
One more special occasion
The grandkids had never met him
They watched as the curtain closed on him forever
She turned away
Unconsciously touching her stomach.


  • Teddy.15

    So maybe you can let me in a bit on this one? Is this about anorexia? Forgive me Paul, I'm still getting to know you as a poet. But I wouldn't want to pass you by just because I didn't understand your work.

  • Paul Bell

    Her father abused her, so she found comfort in cutting herself.

  • Teddy.15

    Paul, so damn powerful I knew it was, that's why I asked, thank you for being a gentleman, I can feel all the pain of this lass, abuse can make people do the worst things to themselves because they believe it's their fault, some don't even get peace after the perpetrator is either put in jail or dies. Thank you, it's nice to get to know your work. X

    • Paul Bell

      Yeah, too many kids suffer this abuse. Sometimes it's hard to write about abuse without diminishing it. You enjoying your bus journey each day now.

    • Goldfinch60

      Powerful words Paul, abusing children is a disgusting thing that abhors me.


      • Paul Bell

        Sadly, it happens, Andy.

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