Late night

Late nights 

with loads of coffee beside 

desk full of papers 

how shall a soul rest beside?


late nights 

with grim silence outside 

while chaos test inside 

how shall a soul sleep this time?


late nights 

With no one beside 

mind plays it’s dirty tricks all time 

how shall a soul be at ease this time ?


calming the mind 

Focusing on breathe

thats what the yogic said 

inhale and exhale every time 


suddenly the night 

looks lovely outside 

the cricket plays it’s music 

the owl hoots outside 

wind blows with screech 

the window vibrates each time 

Is the night playing orchestra outside 


late night 

is it a special show 

for the lonely soul watching the night 

the moon sets the scene 

the wind plays like a dream 

there seems a violin playing 

far somewhere 

is it a dream or reality 

Mozart seems playing 

Late nights 

a lonely soul 

witness a screen 

a play 

a music orchestra it seems 


was it the effect of yogic’s chant ?

is it a dream or reality….



  • Fay Slimm.

    The movement you rouse in this on-going description of beating the blues when alone at night is fantastic and leaves this reader wanting to read it again and this time aloud - - first rate writing my friend.

    • spilleronsheet

      Thank you so much dear Fay
      Your kind comments made it special
      And the words from you, makes me feel that I did well
      Thank you so much Fay

    • Vamsi Sudha

      Dear Spiller,..Your description was very picturesque...
      You really feel when you write.. !! Good one again !!!

      • spilleronsheet

        Thank you so much dear Vamsi
        Well I felt I lost my muse
        Even in this I couldn’t feel the rhyme
        I could feel the night
        So I wrote as it is
        Wondering if it could be called a poetry

      • Teddy.15

        Beautiful dear spills, yogic is a new word for me, your imagery is wonderful I like the last lines they have a lot to offer the reader. 💖

        • spilleronsheet

          Thank you so much dear teddy
          It makes me sound special when I have a friend like you
          I don’t sleep early
          Actually I am unable to sleep early
          So such sounds are respite
          And I end up hearing them late nights
          Ohhh, it makes me happy, that I could add a word for you
          Well I wish I can paint the canvas like you
          My dearest Teddy

          • Teddy.15

            Oh spills, I am here because I write for a hobby my scribbles aren't special they just come from my heart, as do yours. I felt the emotion of a late night writer in this, your poems are always appreciated. 💖

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          • dusk arising

            The lonesome blues playing on ones mind is never a way to be at peace with the life of the night. Well described in your post today.

            • spilleronsheet

              Thank you so much Dusk
              It’s a luxury for those who can fall asleep easily at nights
              I guess I lost that luxury
              So I spend hearing music at night

            • orchidee

              A fine write S.

            • Coyote

              You capture the spirit of 3am brilliantly. Great write.

              • spilleronsheet

                Thank you so much dear reader
                So you too are an night owl 🙈

              • Goldfinch60

                That reality of wonder can often be formed within ourselves spilleronsheet. Very goo words.


              • Neville

                you have the gift of capturing moments that so often fill my own dark hours until I finally succumb & the words rattling around in my head take a well deserved break ...a very relatable post my friend ...


                • spilleronsheet

                  Thank you so much dear Neville…this gift helps me to free my mind…its a pleasure to be a poet

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