My own worst enemy

I hate my body,

and the way I act, 

I hate that I hate myself, 

so thank you, mom and dad,

for teaching me what self-loathing is,

all at the ripe age of 10.


Sometimes when I wake up,

I want to wake up dead, 

so I don't have to be me, 

so I can leave my body,

I'd do better ghostly- 

rather than humanly.


If there's ever a time-

one where I don't hate my body,

a day where I can feel okay eating, 

then please remind me- 

remind me to send my parents a "thank you". 


I'll never stop,

I'll never learn how,

it's a man vs man situation,

but it's me vs me,

and there'll be no winners,

because we'll both be dead. 

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