dusk arising

four and counting


So i told my mommy
I could already count to four
but I knew Penny counted higher
I wanted to count some more


Sat beneath a kitchen chair, 
Practiced five six seven and eight
mommy's pleased  i'm growing up
even got my very own plate


Nine and ten then its back again 
to a funny one called e-leven
ch-welve is good thirteen is bad
but I keep forgetting seven


Fifteen onto two-wen-ty
Forty one, forty two, forty three
i'm looking forward to showing off
sitting on daddies knee


seventy, eighty, ninety-nine
wait till Penny comes home
mommy says i can tell aunt Molly
tonite on the telephone


Penny shes my big sister
she's home from school at four
now i can play her counting games
not be left out anymore


  • L. B. Mek

    sometimes, Poetry
    is beyond Artistry
    its just, chemistry
    of intuitive relatability;
    I relate
    and so: I Rate..
    simple, as One, two
    and I so: Agree...!

    • dusk arising

      This was a fun memory put into rhyme. Pleased you could relate.

    • Teddy.15

      not only totally endearing but genius too, what a way to remember those first steps in life learning to count . just fabulous dusky, originality at it's finest. xxxxxxxx

      • dusk arising

        It was great fun to write. Thanks teddy.

      • Neville

        way to go sir .. and ever since then, there has been no stopping you has there ... tis truly delightful DA ..

        • dusk arising

          Yep, I can count to one hundred and more-teen now. Thanks Neville.

        • Robert Haigh

          This made me smile. It brought to mind my young grandson, who is four and a half. He is learning to count, but gets mixed up sometimes. He often stays with my wife and myself on Saturday or Sunday. We were playing Hide and Seek with him the other week when he cracked me up with his counting, as we hid. His counting went, " 1, 2, 3, 4, eleventeen, Friday, Saturday, Sunday!" Young children can be the most natural comedians in the world. Thanks for sharing this, Dusk!

          • dusk arising

            I love that story of your grandson. They're just marvelous at that young age. It tickled me to watch a video (thanks to pandemic, limited actual contact) of my grand daughter learning a new alphabet quiz and seeing her guessing wrong and making excuses. Early character traits, dontcha just love 'em. Thanks Robert.

          • spilleronsheet

            Such a beautiful poetry
            Brought a smile
            Made me remember me and my sibling's childhood
            Where we played under the tree
            And we laughed when we forgot how to count up after three
            Well penned dear Dusk

            • dusk arising

              Glad this stirred your memory cells back to glorious childhood. Thank you Spiller.

            • katie

              this is a beautiful poem really made me smile

              • dusk arising

                Thank you and keep smiling.

              • Doggerel Dave

                Certainly convinced me kiddo - you conquered the old one two three and I could almost recall myself there. Now then, settle down and tell me how you larned to rite..... 😊

                • dusk arising

                  I can remember not being able to write and just used to make zig-zag lines on paper to try to keep up with my brother and two sisters 3,4 and 6 years older than me. I can't recall learning to write but I remember the class room and being made to sit in a wendy house for not looking at the teacher when she was teaching. I crept back into class after hours and set light to it..... in my dreams. Thank you DD.

                  • Doggerel Dave

                    'Sorry dusk - I misspoke (miss-tapped?) when I used 'me'. I really intended that the world (well at least MPS) should know in the form of versification the way only you could do it......

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                  • Goldfinch60

                    Good memories d a, being the elder child of two my younger brother could always get away with more than I could.
                    We get on very well though.


                    • dusk arising

                      Yep, i recall my brother getting told off more than me simply for being 3 years older and 'should know better'. LOL

                    • Rozina

                      Thank you for sharing your memory.

                      • dusk arising

                        Thank you for looking in and commenting Rozina. I love to express lots of kinds of memories in my poetry. In years to come - if i'm still around - re-reading my poems will, I hope, take me back to those times.

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