This hurt, this pain,  I can't seem to ignore,
Through days, & nights, it's been dreamed before,

Rough sleep, fatal actions,  happen more than once,
For decades, plenty years, and surpassed through months,

I've been on, and off, the job of a light,
Switched to love to hate, many more restless nights,

I'd seem to get, when sins gets involved,
Realizing, selfishness, wants apart of it all,

To part from it all, is a want that I've dreamt,
But this promise to my father, makes decisions indent,

Something that's meant, seems out of it's reach,
With a ladder to grab, but no help for the feet,

Not to walk, nor skip, no reason for a leap,
No sheep to count, to fall asleep,

This confused heart I have, it's never skipped beats,
Until..It finally stops, the heart's out...of Repeats..

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