Baby Boomer Birth

I'm a baby boomer

Boom, boom, boom

Born in the 50's

In Mum and Dad's bedroom


Mum had a midwife

Who thought it was best

That in their bedroom

She should get more rest


She was the midwife

Not my mum at all

Told the groaning patient

When ready give a call


But mum had no time

To call for help or shout

I was just so ready

To do my own shoot out!


That uncanny midwife

Caught me by my knee

And swung me around

To stand up like a tree


And as I grew older

I tried to learn to ski

But kept on falling over

Had Arthritis in That Knee!


Well, many years have passed

I'm bed-bound in my room

This boomer's had to learn

How to blog and also zoom.




  • dusk arising

    Us computer savvy oldies aren't as daft as they think.

    • Rozina

      Definitely! Thank you.

    • Robert Haigh

      I'm a baby boomer too. I have recently started to have problems with my joints, especially in my legs. Ah! Age brings its own problems. I wish you all the best.

      • Rozina

        Thank you.

      • Paul Bell

        Bloody midwives, straight off the Christmas list. Ski-ing is overrated anyway.

        • Rozina

          Hahaha thanks!

        • Teddy.15

          lol the tale of a babe such wonderful rhyme last lines hilarious,most 80 year old grannies know more than me about tech stuff this I so cool. 🤗

          • Rozina

            Thank you!

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