dusk arising

the great healer



She'd found him in the dunes that night
staring at the waves, Daphne's locket in his hand.
Tears still wet on his face, she silently embraced him.
They had made crazy love that night and she'd fallen
asleep easily, suddenly waking to find him gone.
There were no words she could say now.
Impossible to compete with the solace of the dunes,
oceans crashing tide and the noble domain of the stars.
But there was time, the great healer.


  • Teddy.15

    Imagery is so well captured in this heart break of love, time is the essence of healing, yet what is in the heart for better or worse stays. Such a composer of poetry you are Dusk, I feel blessed that these are reposts that means I'm getting to read all your own favourites. I heard a rumour that very very soon your bard muse will be with you shaking you to your core of writing your next masterpiece.

    Ever inspiring you are. 💖

    • dusk arising

      Well it would be nice to feel the presence of my muse again, meantime I have a few more oldies to re-post for your delight (I wish).
      To be honest i think my muse comes in a bottle, I haven't had a drink for weeks and as I'm slowly recovering maybe a nip or two is in order.
      Break out the glasses.

      • Teddy.15

        That's what we think but actually your muse is with you regardless, anyway big hugs always 💖 🤗

      • yellowrose

        Lovely writing , dusk ) I especially like the last few lines of this poem . Great flow to this

        • dusk arising

          Time does wonders but it's easy to become impatient. I was thinking that, like my poem yesterday, I bet you could write some great poetry about the early childhood years of growing up with your sister..... go on, I dare ya !!!

          • yellowrose

            I’m not sure they would be a very good read , dusk ) I wasn’t very happy as a kid ..

          • Neville

            let the muse rest a while longer and recuperate .. I like what's going on write now .................................... N

            • dusk arising

              Well there's a few more oldies i can line up to re-post in the next few days. Watch this space and thank you Neville.

            • Nicholas Browning

              Love the surreal imagery.

            • Robert Haigh

              Indeed, time is a great healer - for loss of a loved one, or the loss of love itself. I tried to hate my first wife when she left me for someone else, but I couldn't. A part of me still loved her. A poignant poem, and one I can surely relate to.

              • dusk arising

                It's good for me, as the writer, when you can relate to the emotion in my stuff. Thank you, I think you are very brave and sincere in revealing what you do in your words both here and in your poetry.

              • Paul Bell

                Sometimes you just can't compete with the past, and I don't even think time matters.

                • dusk arising

                  Hmmm not sure I agree with you about time doesn't matter. It certainly has allowed me to either overcome or tame emotion felt at the time of the event. However, we are all different and have our own experiences so I'm not saying you're wrong.
                  Thanks Paul.

                • Goldfinch60

                  Another superb emotive write d a.


                  • dusk arising

                    Whilst my muse is on hols it gives me a chance to dig out a few oldies (I think i might be trying to show off LOL but sssshh my ego is showing).

                    Thank you sir!

                  • spilleronsheet

                    A wonderful poetry once again
                    Time is surely a healer
                    But I guess it’s a slow healer
                    To some scars it takes loads of time to heal
                    To some Deeps it takes a lifetime to bridge across
                    Imagery on point

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