Paul Bell

Come Into My web

She hated men

Hated everything about them

Bordering on the pathological

Hated the way they touched her

Hated the way they used her

She even hated taking their dirty money

She did like killing them though

Watching their power slowly ebb away

It was the ultimate orgasm

Definitely so much better than sex

She didn’t like the spurters

Underwear was so damn expensive

But she was beginning to perfect her technique

Directing the flow away from her

Learned strangely enough from a surgeon

He would have been proud of her

It was her breasts that caught his eye

The rest his imagination took care of

He had never done it blindfold before

It sure felt so sensual

God, he could feel the explosion building up inside him

She directed the open razor with total precision

Marvelling as his body went into spasm

God, the orgasm was out of this world

Definitely so much better than sex.


  • Robert Haigh

    Oh! Grisly and gruesome, which is no doubt what you had in mind! I'll make sure I stay away from her!

    • Paul Bell

      Just misunderstood, the girl. lol

    • Teddy.15

      LoL is this your hooker serial killer muse now Paul ( oh the imagery ) this should definitely be the start of a novel.

      • Paul Bell

        I was thinking this could be used to sell men's razors. lol

        • Teddy.15


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        • dusk arising

          Ah, brought to mind the mother-in-law. She could be lethal even with the plastic cutlery.

          • Paul Bell

            Never mess with the plastic. Actually, never mess with the M.I.L.

          • Teddy.15

            Could be me when I run out of Nutella lol 不不不不不

          • Goldfinch60

            I do not think I want to meet this woman.


            • Paul Bell

              Think she retrained as a surgeon.

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