Vamsi Sudha

True Friendship….!!!

Friendship is like a breathing Rose
With freshness in it every Fold
A True friend is a Gem in any Setting
It is like good health, seldom known until its Regretting.


True friends are like Life Balms
Healing thousand illness in our Qualms
A Tender sympathy, which disperses the darkness of Despair
And brings in the sunshine of Hope and Cheer


True friends build our Confidence
Rather than destroying in our Self
Friends in my adversity, are Life Fragrances
Fair-weather-friends are just Acquaintances..


Friendship, is the harvest of our Sowing
So, sow rich with sympathy, helpfulness and love for it Growing
True friendship is more priceless than material Possession
Because a True friend is a silent partner, leaves a Lifelong Impression!!


  • Robert Haigh

    Yes, real friendship is a precious thing to have. I have known many fair weather friends over the years, but I still have true friends, both old and new. A fine friendship tribute you have written!

    • Vamsi Sudha

      You are Blessed Robert !! A true friend is like a MIRROR , indicates our strengths and flaws too !!!

    • L. B. Mek

      wise words, thanks for sharing

    • spilleronsheet

      True friends really are gem dear Vamsi
      And one must cherish those gems
      Unfortunately we may cherish but other may hurt us at our end
      Yet I believe true friendship exists and I am blessed to have few of them

      • Vamsi Sudha

        Thanks for those thought inducing comments Spiller !!
        True friendship exists and all stones are not gems!
        Lets Cultivate the eye not to be satisfied with normal stones in life ...
        Keep digging , gems are deep inside !! Let's be patient , they will surely come !

        • spilleronsheet

          Sure it is
          Your thoughts so deep
          Run in my mind
          Adding to the lessons of my life

        • Goldfinch60

          So very true Vamsi, true friends are so wonderful in our lives.


          • Vamsi Sudha

            Indeed Gold !! Thanks 🙂

          • Teddy.15

            a friend is a gem in any setting

            i will kudos this line just beautiful and brilliant, truly says it all.

            a lovely messge in here, half our life problems come from choosing the wrong friends, so here a cheers to honest friendship. xxxx

            • Vamsi Sudha

              Thanks Teddy !! You are so kind !!!

            • James Alexander

              Wonderful, insightful poem. "like a breathing Rose....freshness in every fold" how true. True friendship is a nurturing relationship and a saddening experience in their passing.

              • Vamsi Sudha

                Thanks James for nice words !!

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