Paul Bell

The Last Waltz

Would the happy couple like to come onto the floor for the first dance
Do you take this woman
Would the man in the crowd like to join them for his last waltz
I now pronounce you
The last waltz
No words to be spoken, he promised
Instead, he watched as she danced out of his life forever
She couldn’t keep his eyes from talking, not now
Does he catch your tears and build an ocean
Does he touch your face when you are sleeping
Does he know your spot of misadventure
Does he, does he, does he
The night drinks to life that should have been
The last dance
Would the happy couple come onto the floor for the final time
Mr and Mrs
Would the man in the crowd like to die now
The final goodbye
You look
She presses
Something Blue.


  • dusk arising

    WOW! It begs the question.... who has the greatest loss..... the man in the crowd or the bride.... maybe the groom is just the fool in the game. ???

    • Paul Bell

      I suppose they all have a part to play.

    • Garth Rakumakoe

      Your brush strokes Mr Bell, are quite something. A picture worth a thousand words is what you wrote here, and you only needed a few. Keep wielding your mighty pen sir. Thank you.

      • Paul Bell

        Less is definitely best.

      • L. B. Mek

        (a great write!
        details, you seemingly stole
        from my own life's, experiences
        as that's how relatable
        your words read..
        thanks for sharing, dear Poet
        and inspiring, my own
        little scribbled reply)
        'Does he
        catch your tears and build an ocean'
        (for you, to swim-in?
        is that why
        you blinked, away
        our goodbye
        with one smooth, dive
        from our love's, once
        heady heights
        to the all new, in his
        awaiting, fervent waters)

        • Paul Bell

          I suppose this will resonate with many.
          Though, stealing the odd line off fellow poets is a sign of a good poet borrower.

        • Teddy.15

          As I am a woman, I think I can safely say a friend of the groom took the wife, and the groom has been angry ever.since yet has found humour to harbour the pain? Oh Paul, you touch my heart strings with this one, but if she went with a the groom's best mate then the groom should just feel relief and move on? LOL 🤣 I don't mean to.sound cold I've studied love forever, seen every type and a lot of my girl friends have even missed the having children boat because they stayed with selfish b...... Who then ran off with younger women. I've truly got a story for every occasion. 💖

          • Paul Bell

            Maybe the man in question saw his life elsewhere, and they made a little pact to be together apart.
            Isn't love great that way. I would say women are getting tougher in the love game. Guys can't cope on their own, but women thrive.

            • Teddy.15

              LoL well if that's true I'm packing my bags and letting go of the old ball and chains. 🤣

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            • spilleronsheet

              Well what a grand play
              Wonder who had the last laugh
              And who got deceived
              But maybe in love there is no failing but only falling

              • Paul Bell

                I suppose the husband was the real loser.

              • Goldfinch60

                Very intriguing words Paul, one wonders who is the most hurt.


                • Paul Bell

                  Probably the husband if he ever found out.

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