Only if

Only if 

the moment could halt 


only if 

the time could stop 


only if 

the winds subside 


only if 

the moon stops waning at nights 


only if 

his hand could be held all night 

only if 

her smile won’t be fading with time 


only if 

one didn’t have to depart 


only if 

sun won’t tell the retreating time


only if 

we could witness the spring bloom


only if 

we could walk the aisle 


only if 

The distancing  steps could be stopped 


only if 

the call could be unanswered 


only if 

just for once, we could be selfish 


But for my mother 

but for your mother 

you couldn’t stop 


for our mother 

and her children 

you chose her 


only if 

the time passed soon 



when time passed

it was never same again 


the words of “only if” stayed….


  • yellowrose

    I wish for a lot of things .., if only my past had been happier , is one of them . Life can feel so sad at times, and we just wish for so many things …

    • spilleronsheet

      I know dear Rose
      The words “only if” have multiple connotations
      They are hope at times
      They bring grief and disappoint at times
      They may be regrets
      They may even air the ambitions
      I wish whatever your only if had been, they may be fulfilled now
      And no more they shall remain “only if”

    • little dove

      They don t seem to have a ending so they . 🙁

      • spilleronsheet

        It may not be ending
        But to some beginnings there maybe no endings
        One day they may unite somewhere afar

      • fallenAngel1🕊

        Only if
        My parents didn't separate when I was 7(devorced by 9) my life would've been much different. I so feel this,..thanks for sharing d.a.🤗✌️🕊

        • spilleronsheet

          That’s sad Angel
          Thanks for sharing your memories
          Though I am sad to hear
          For a child witnessing it is itself very tragic
          I wish you all happiness
          May almighty load you with prosperity and success

        • dusk arising

          Reads like the regret after a very young love was halted by parental influence... if only.... Life is full of "if only's" which to be honest is great for the inventive poetic mind..... plenty of "if only's" to create in poems letting our hopes, dreams, fears run wild.

          Would be interested in reading what the "if only" is relating to your post today.

          • spilleronsheet

            Only if
            Two words associated with everyone
            Though the paraphrase may change
            The only ifs landed in me despairs
            Now I wish to see light in it
            By adding my ambitions to it

          • Teddy.15

            So very sad and yet beautiful, you are not alone spills. Biggest hugs my friend 🤗.

            Ps the only real way to go forward is in fact to leave the past in yesterday, it's hard but best for the mind and soul. Nothing we can do and nothing we can change. 💖

            • spilleronsheet

              Sure teddy
              We aren’t alone
              I have you as my friend
              Thanks a lot teddy

            • Robert Haigh

              Sometimes the cold hand of fate cannot be denied, it would seem. I think many of us have a few "only ifs" in our lives. Wistful and sad - but life can force a few sad scenes on us sometimes.

              • spilleronsheet

                So true dear Robert
                The cold hands that cause commotion in our lives
                At times haunting us to live

              • Neville

                I hope you dont publicise the inspiration or reason behind these intriguing words ... they are so good on their own without any explanation that may or may not in itself impact upon the subjective opinion and views of the reader ...

                You certainly held my attention and had me thinking long after I had finished reading my friend ............ .............................. Neville

                • spilleronsheet

                  I would certainly leave the only if to the readers to fondle with
                  The two common words
                  Only if
                  But unique to our own interpretation
                  Making us decide whether to live with remorse
                  Or move on with our only ifs
                  Thanks a lot dear Neville for stopping by and giving a read to words of mine
                  Much appreciated

                • Goldfinch60

                  If only? One of the most asked questions in our life spilleronsheet.


                  • spilleronsheet

                    Very true dear Andy
                    The most asked question
                    To which many a times we leave it unanswered

                  • orchidee

                    Only if I would stop singing. I never do, lol. Though it's torture for everyone else! heehee.

                    • spilleronsheet

                      How does it matter Orchi keep singing
                      It hardly matters what others think

                      • orchidee

                        it's one of my standing jokes on here. I've had 4,753 singing lessons, but am no better - so I say! lol

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                      • Garth Rakumakoe

                        A beautiful write, dear Poet. I love it. Thank you.

                        • spilleronsheet

                          Thanks a lot reader
                          Much appreciated

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