Adieu to the Sun

Sun has moved away

To the southern hemisphere

To bless the life hither stay

Without his glare, winter is here to stay

As others should also have light

We wished him well on his trip away

With ‘arthi’ we bade him off

On ‘Chat’ the auspicious day

We’ll welcome him back again

With prayers, sweets and fun

On “Sankranthi” as he turns around

And returns to give us warmth


This is how we were brought up

To respect nature in all its forms

Mountains, trees, rivers and air

Considered as blessings

 Never to be exploited, but use with care

With due diligence and respect

We requested permission

From all life that stay in there

Before we use them for our daily ware

 These gestures we forgot

 Threw them out to be more civilized

Maybe it’s time to restart

To appreciate the little blessings we have got

Not through gestures alone

But with rightful thoughts

Refrain from selfish ventures

Restrict our uses and never exploit

Prevent “Climate Change” which is patronized




  • Robert Haigh

    Certainly a thought-provoking poem. We should treat nature with respect, but collectively we seem to have fallen short of that in recent decades. We can no longer plead ignorance - the facts are there for us all to see. A good topical write!

    • Thekkinkkattil

      Thank you Robert. When we reflect how our ancestors respected nature sometimes we feel ashamed of ourselves. Yet at one stage we rediculed many of these customs.

    • Teddy.15

      What a wonderful poem, I say Kudos 💖 I love the positivity inside saving our planet, and I love your description of how the sun leaves.for.a.while, you have so powerful. 🤗

    • Thekkinkkattil

      Thank you friend for the nice words. In the North people feel the pinch. My daughter has started shivering.

    • Goldfinch60

      The respect of nature should be paramount in our lives Tkkkk but so many do not realise this as there is no money or power for them in saving Nature.


    • Thekkinkkattil

      Yes that's the truth Andy. Thank you

    • L. B. Mek

      there's an element of tranquillity in your wording
      a serene sense of acceptance, to Nature's trends
      'This is how we were brought up
      To respect nature in all its forms'..
      just a wonderful read, thanks for sharing

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