The Family's Lie

Families gathered round the table,
For me, that's another fable.
Warm turkey for all,
I'm out in the hall,
Unseen, unheard,
Are holidays absurd?
To me they are,
I strum my guitar.
Sing songs of pain,
Tell of despair's reign.
While they dig in,
A tale I will spin.
Speak of life so inane,
It could drive one insane.
Could it all be a lie?
Can words dignify,
Bring truth to light,
They eat all in sight.
Fatter they become,
Soon they succumb,
Blinded by nomality,
It's all banality.
They don't even know I'm gone,
Like I wasn't there all along.


  • spilleronsheet

    It’s truly sad
    When your not alone
    There is so much chaos
    Yet no one knows what is a person suffering
    Empathy and the will to understand has diminished
    I wish people could become more sensitive
    How I wish the world not only become wiser in machines
    But even in emotions
    Yet in front of IQ , the EQ was rejected
    In terms it never made green in pockets
    So well depicted the sadness and aloofness
    Very sad
    I hope you can let go the words on sheet
    Shout on mps with your poetry

  • Nicholas Browning

    "In a crowded room only I am alone."
    It sucks to feel this way, it really does. I found that I was better off without it, so I left. Keep your chin up, soldier.

    • AnAlpaca

      Thank you! I try.

    • Goldfinch60

      Sad words AnAlpaca, families can be like this sometimes but hopefully all will be well soon. In the meantime we on MPS are here for you.


      • AnAlpaca

        Thank you. It's been very hard. Honestly I feel like I'm all alone in this world.

      • Draven

        Thank you for sharing this story with us. These are some strong and very relatable words. xx

        • AnAlpaca

          Thank you. I'm glad you liked it :).

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