James Alexander

Always and Forever

I am to you spirit, heart and soul.

I can feel your pain, disillusionment, heartache

and sorrow.

If only I could burn away

the midnight mist and bring a clarity

of calm peaceful happiness

to your heart.

If only for a moment I could bring a veil

of forgetfulness

to your troubled thoughts.

If only I could make the burdens you carry

fall from your aching shoulders

as Autumn leaves shed the ties to their branches.

If only I could make up for the times

you have been let down

and raise you to the heights that Heaven

has not attained.

If only early in the morning and in the dead of night

you could reach out and feel the strength

of my support, my love and devotion.

If only the ties that bind us

could be so tight.

If only I could whisper in your ear

words that would change the dim dawn

into a bright and sunny day.

If only I could read your mind

to know what to do and what to say.

If only I could give something back for

all that you give.

I give you all that I can but I fear it is not enough.

There are times when my heart

feels ripped from my chest and my

tears flow as rivers filling a salty sea.

Yet when I am with you

you take my hand

and rainbows fill my vision.

Your love takes me from the dark chill

of the evening to the warmth of

a summer's dawn.

I have loved you from the beginning

and will to the end.

Time has not blunted what I felt on

first sight of you.

Time only reinforces

what is and will remain,

love eternal, always and forever.




  • spilleronsheet

    What wonderful lines sets the sincerity
    The love and sincerity
    The care and yearnings
    The suffering of a lover is felt
    Well crafted dear poet

    • James Alexander

      Thank you for your kind comments.

    • Nicholas Browning

      I must agree with Spill on this one. It's a wonderful, heartfelt read. I felt the protagonist's pain in not being able to return what they've been given. A wonderful write and read. Thanks for posting.

      • James Alexander

        Thanks. Much appreciated. Thoughts come from the mind, feelings from the heart.

        • Nicholas Browning

          You good sir have just inspired something. Thanks again!

        • Goldfinch60

          Wonderful loving words James, I am sure that love will gone on forever.


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