Lovely Rainbows

Lovely Rainbows 

So magical up in the sky

Lovely Rainbows 

Tried reaching them on tippy toes

The cute leprechaun asked me why

I told him, “ Because I can’t fly”

Lovely Rainbows 


  • Paul Bell

    The pot of gold out of reach.
    Still, the leprechaun is as hot as a peach.

    • Dove

      That's so cute! Love the couplet

    • Teddy.15

      A Lovely image in here dear Dove. 🌈

      • Dove

        Thanks Teddy!!!

      • Neville

        this is a terribly lovely little whimsey my Dove .. hope you are gonna stick around a while ................................. N

        • Dove

          I'll try my best! Thanks for stopping by!

        • orchidee

          Are you in UK Dove?
          There was a rainbow in our area Friday afternoon, plus part of what looked like a second rainbow. Then whoosh! sun vanished and a downpour.

          • Dove

            No, in California! But, I did see a double rainbow in Florida! Was by a Lake and it was a 4th of July!

          • Goldfinch60

            No need to fly all you need is to walk towards the end of the rainbow and your life will be filled with joy and wonder.


            • Dove

              Thanks Andy! Then walk I shall! Best to You

            • spilleronsheet

              Fell in love with rainbows again
              Well crafted dear poet

              • Dove

                Thank you!

              • Garth Rakumakoe

                Lovely piece. Admirable! Thank you for sharing.

                • Dove

                  You are most welcome! Thanks for the read

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