Doggerel Dave

Muse alert….. Sorry – My Mistake

Please ignore the obvious – this is me

As I try to produce some poetry….

What about him - a role model? Let's see....

When he has it done you can feel his glee:

Screaming Jay’s example guides what I do -

It’s effort not my muse which gets me through.



  • Robert Haigh

    Ha-ha! Screamin' Jay - and his brother Ronnie - came up with some interesting and amusing stuff in their time. I hope Screamin' Jay can help you come up with something good, Dave! I'm sure you'll "feel all right" just like he did eventually... lol!

    • Doggerel Dave

      Yep SJ knew what he was about. First heard this many years ago (well pre PC days) and spent ages hunting it down - No one in those CD shops seem to have heard of him - I suppose he was difficult to categorise - played with stereotypes, was non PC in the form then "One didn't say those things".
      Glad you liked it Robert.

    • dusk arising


    • Lorna

      Hoping you feel better soon! ha ha......

      • Doggerel Dave

        I'm overwhelmed by your care and concern there Lorna...................

      • Nicholas Browning

        Destruction is nigh!

        • Doggerel Dave

          'Bit of a downer there Nicholas......

        • SureshG

          So that’s what I’ve been missing, while waiting for my muse. A fine example of a true poetry

          • Doggerel Dave

            Not sure about that, Suresh - but I did my best and no one can ask for more .

          • Goldfinch60

            So your muse is exposed at last Dave!


            • Doggerel Dave

              Nah, Andy – You haven’t given due weight to my carefully considered lines - Screaming Jay is an example, a mentor rather than a muse……
              So do tell – where do you place SJ in your extensive and catholic musical vocabulary?

            • Munro

              I wrote some songs years ago with a Texan guy , who played with screaming Jay Hawkins lol , but I never heard of this song ,Dave
              Not a regular tune , if you not what I mean lol

              • Doggerel Dave

                Some of his other stuff is more regular (if a bit off the wall) so SJ didn't suffer all the time, I believe.

                It's really good when I hear that I have managed to expand someone's horizons, sent them off to new vistas......(Scottish indie rock band?)

                • Munro

                  Thanks Dave , I used to work in a constipation tablet factory
                  It just brought back regular memories lol

                • Neville

                  a musing ..
                  made me nearly sh... meself larfin .. 🙂

                  • Doggerel Dave

                    I hunted around for that record (pre internet days) as I has a special person I was prepared to send it to with a particularly specific message - never found it, so they never got the feedback they so richly deserved.... (don't think they would have found it funny, somehow, but I always have..... context is all...)

                  • Joe Dawson

                    Delta blues, I can see why this is not your muse - the strength of novelty matches your verse perfectly - you've cracked it. Joe

                    • Doggerel Dave

                      Thanks mate - I do enjoy the occasional endorsement.....

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