We are getting older

Our hair is turning greyer

We are shrinking down

Age spots turning brown


Today I feel so blue

A year older me and you

Backs hurt knees ache

Nothing that can make


Life turn right back

To that early track

Strong muscles, sturdy bones

Move without moans or groans


Where are my keys?

Oh, with the frozen peas!

Can't find my glasses

Fallen between the flowers


The mind is always willing

For running and rock climbing

But the body just won't listen

It's starting self demolition....


But let us age with grace

Let us leave a memorable trace

Get rid of all that pride

Grow old side by side



  • Michael Edwards

    So true and well penned - lets grow old gracefully and still take a pride in ourselves and our appearance.

    • Rozina

      Yes we must try to do this - it can be tough. Thank you for your comment.

    • Teddy.15

      Well happy birthday if it's today, I'm feeling my bones getting stubborn, I love your last stanza I embrace age it's the only thing we can do. Sometimes i cry lol 🤣 💕

      • Rozina

        Lots of ups and downs but we persevere. Thank you for your comments and the wish although it's not my birthday today!

      • Lorna

        Aww I just loved this Rozina. My husband was 12 years older and died 2 years ago and I had always thought (foolishly) that we'd be old together. Good one......

        • Rozina

          Thank you. I am sorry for your loss.

        • Paul Bell

          The mind is willing, but the body has gone on strike. My legs became unwilling this morning when the ice made running a bit dodgy.

          • Rozina

            No snow and ice here but plenty of rain. It's easy to slip and hurt oneself. Take care.

          • Coyote

            So beautifully true Rozina. Awesome write.

            • Rozina

              Thank you.

            • Relic

              Yes Rozina, getting older and being aware of it is never fun, but attitude is everything, and I like your attitude in this poem.

              Well done. 🙂

            • Rozina

              Thank you. There is still much to learn and to share.

            • Doggerel Dave

              That's me to a 'T'
              Your piece neatly covers it - thank you.

              • Rozina

                Thank you.

              • Neville

                a lovely message wrapped & held fast in a real cuddle of a poem .... Neville 🙂

                • Rozina

                  Thank you.

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