Vamsi Sudha

Helms of LIFE !!!


Eyes, the conspicuous Seer

Without which life is Unclear

Legs, our life steering leads

Without them, life dreads!!


Eyes located on the face Front

States that, Face life Upfront

Legs do walk front and take a Walk Back

Implies, we correct out faulty footsteps on Track


Person with forward vision sees Opportunities

Person with backward vision sees Illusions

So, walk back your wrong steps, to Redress

But always look forth in life, to Progress


Life is with lots of new Beginnings

And there is no scope for Finishings

And it's time to stop lamenting the Past

And embrace up the new future in Fast


Life is not impassive; it is to Live and Give

Forget the events tough, and do Forgive

Let Eyes and Legs work in Accord

And take life ahead in Concord !!!



  • spilleronsheet

    It’s so beautiful and thought provoking
    The lessons to be given so poetic
    Though it is addressed at large
    I find it so much personal
    I got hooked to your lines
    Perfectly gilded with emotions
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful message
    It’s so good to read it and make a pledge
    To have a better life
    Thanks a lot dear Vamsi for being the positivity angel

    • Vamsi Sudha

      I am glad you could relate to it and get to greener pastures soon. If my poem could make an impact on just one person for better, it would have served its purpose !! Thanks for your inspiration always !!

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good words VS, we must always look forward to the wonderful life that is in front of us.


      • Vamsi Sudha

        thanks Gold , Life is 1'derful always !!

      • L. B. Mek

        love, the sheer verve for life
        you've imbued into this write
        galvanises me
        to go and make my tea, lol
        a wonderful read, thanks for sharing

        • Vamsi Sudha

          Dear Mek !! You did go ahead for a wonderful start of the day !! Glad you liked it !! thanks a ton !!

        • Rozina

          Really makes sense. Thank you for sharing this message.

          • Vamsi Sudha

            Thanks Rozina for stopping and commenting !!

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