Tainted Sunrise

Endless Pain and Self-Hatred

Guilt, Shame

Or Self-Blame

I am not sure exactly what it is,

But it is killing me on the inside

Strong, that is what they tell me to be

Just give it time, and you will see

Until you are in my skin,

You will never understand


They way that the darkness creeps in,

Every move I make is a sin

A mountain and another

It never ends

The thoughts of the other side eventually come,

When I am nothing more than numb

There is nothing left for me

Standing on the edge


You pray that someone might be there to stop you,

But there is only silence, so you pursue

No pain or suffering

Your time has come

On the floor lifeless,

Just an emptiness

The one accomplishment in life

Is finally being at peace


  • karvelD

    Peace, what an idea. Ty for sharing _/\_:)

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