blue orchid

Santa's list

I'm not sure where I would fall on Santa's little list because,
I stoled the heart of my husband,
And hugs from my daughter,
I lie in bed each night with the Lords protection,
I kill every advance that the devil makes,
I think I would be on the Nice list,how about you, naughty or nice

On Santas list I would put hope,
Hope for a world full of peace,
Peace and understanding,
Peace and understanding and love for all,
Love for all in this wonderful world.
And an unending bottle of Auchentoshan Malt whisky,
Auchentoshan Triple Wood Malt Whisky.

The list I hope, the list I'm in...
The list that Jesus would come in...
His birth was prophecy... we win..
To redeem us from our mortal sin..
For Christmas is our blessed hope..
For Jesus birth, we now can cope.
From birth to death, it was God's plan..
To save us all, we now can stand.

Upon wich list would I be found
At the top?In the middle?Or all the way down?
Well im not saying im a saint,not even close
Ive done my wrongs and suffer my woes
So whos to say,I dont really know,nor do I care
Ive outgrown the fat guy,Rudolpds red nose,its glare.

Maybe it's the beautiful golden locks me and my daughter may share it's our bond and love maybe our looks. Cookies well cook, for sure us being naughty he'll overlook. Getting him fat is all it took.

Which list do i belong?
A question daunting or so
I leave the acquaintance to decide
I got some blessings
Yet some sins trace my life
Though a present of illness defined
Yet the breathe kept me alive
Look my good deeds overwhelmed the score
The sins diminished soon
Maybe the Santa saw me bright
Graded me as good child beside
The Christmas passed soon
The heart awaits the present soon
I wonder what gift will pry by
No i am not drooling with greed inside….
Santa I am truly an adorable child

Rudolphs red nose with its fog cutting glare
And the fat fucker so wiling to dare
Santas list,naughty or nice
If I still believed
I'd most likely think twice
But I'm all grown up now
Don't get me wrong
It's a fantastic fantasy
But it's been so long
I've lost that belief
It's just gone
It's really for kids anyway
Come New Year's Eve
Adults have their play

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