Some truth better be untold

Truth is harsh

Piercing the ears that hear

Blinding the eyes that see

Sometimes critics are hard to please



Praises heart wish to see

To beat to the tunes of appease

But ballads are sung for heroes

Not for the fallen warriors

Not for the strugglers

Not for the survivors, who hardly breathe




To those critics

Let them smile today

Let the last laugh be for you


Surrender to higher being

Embrace the universe

Watch the stars

stars which despite dying

Continue to shine

Those stars let them be your guide

Even though those stars not fated to be

Continue to thrive

And strive



The universe is a part of you

Your the part of the universe

Maybe just an iota of the whole

But an essential part….

is it really the truth to be untold ?

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  • Published: December 30th, 2021 01:38
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  • Goldfinch60

    We are all part of this vast universe, maybe just an iota but we are very important to those iotas around us.


    • spilleronsheet

      Very true
      Each drop makes an ocean
      Each of us makes the universe

    • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

      Lovely words , spiller ) nice expression . And so true ! We are part of the universe ..

      • spilleronsheet

        Indeed dear rose and no one can take away this right from us

      • Rozina

        A small cog but necessary. Very true words.

      • orchidee

        Good write S.

      • Nilanjana

        Well written dear Spills.

      • dusk arising

        A reminder for friends suffering low self esteem that, as Max Ehrmann put it, "you have as much right to be here as the stars and the trees, for you are a child of the universe". Uplifting words I often coin.

        • spilleronsheet

          Such beautiful words
          What a powerful quote
          Wish I could fave this comment

          • dusk arising

            Spiller. google a piece called 'desiderata' by max ehrmann which contains my misquote. It's a piece i treasure and is so wise though obviously dated. I recomment to anyone i see who is on a downer to print it off and hang it on the toilet door..... a quiet place to read it again and again in contemplation.

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          • SureshG

            A speck in one form is a universe in another, it’s all relative, and most appropriated

            • spilleronsheet

              Very true
              Indeed a speck today
              But a pool for some
              But this speck makes you and me
              And we make the universe

            • Dhanya

              What you say is true my friend. What a kind way to give back to those who are under the gun sometimes. We all are trying our best to build and grow from our true being. I see your true being shining in your poem. So nothing critical is necessary. Grow on!

              • spilleronsheet

                Thanks a lot dear friend
                A plant maybe shy
                A plant may be slow
                Maybe withering without sun
                But it will challenge the adversaries and continue to grow

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