Thirteen A (An Acrostic)


Tranquillity and unrest, make up this

House, that has sheltered me from

Infuriating storms, that are made by both the

Rain from the sky, and the reign of man, but

Turned away they are, as my kin and I,

Enjoy the luxury of our situation, though

Engaged in arguments sometimes, to ensure that

No stone is unturned, to make up this opinion:


All is very well, in this heaven and hell!


  • orchidee

    Good write AS. Unusual 13A.
    Doh! Sometimes we can spend ages looking for No.13 in a street. it's often been changed to 11A, or non-existent.
    Some streets with houses about 100 years old or so, haven't been so superstitious. They have No.13.

    • AuburnScribbler

      Thanks for the read orchidee, and yeah, for some strange reason, some streets avoid the number 13 all together, along with other things in society.

      But this number has been a blessing to me. Of course, it's the number where I have lived and still live, the number of stones I weigh, and it's also the number of tracks that were on my second studio album. Thus, the number 13 has been good to me, so, my natural instinct is to love it, and not loathe it.

      Thanks again, and I hope that all is well!

      • orchidee

        13 songs I'm gonna sing per day - and torture 'em all! They who hear, that is. lol.

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      • sophin

        great poem, Auburn

        • AuburnScribbler

          Thanks for the read sophin, and I hope that all is well!

        • spilleronsheet

          Beautiful acrostic and a wonderful connection with the house to make it home
          Very beautiful dear poet

          • AuburnScribbler

            Thanks for the read and your nice comment spilleronsheet.

            I hope that all is well!

          • Goldfinch60

            Good words Ben, home is what you make it and it sounds as if you have a very good home.


            • AuburnScribbler

              Thanks for the read Andy, and I agree, whatever you do in your heart; in your home, makes it whatever it is.

              I hope that all is well!

            • Rozina

              This is an interesting poem. In some cultures 4 is an unlucky number because the ethnic pronunciation sounds like the word 'death'. The building may lack a 4th floor for example. Great idea.

              • AuburnScribbler

                Thanks for the read Rozina, and yeah, I think the number 4 is unlucky in Chinese culture, for the very reason you've stated in your comment.

                I live at number 13, and I was born on the 4th, so, if was so superstitious, I would be looking both ways before crossing the road on a one way street, haha! But as I've said, the numbers that comprise my life, I love with a thankful heart.

                Thanks again, and I hope that all is well!

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