Let the game begin

A game of gamble

thrown a dice 

dimes woven on betting lines


the stakes seem high

but riskier it may 

can’t call of the day 

one not risking 

might keep drinking 

drinking the conscious life

why not make a dive 


thrown all are insecurities of life

the stakes seem high

diamonds and gold

what to hold

maybe in future meant  to be  sold


The clouds seem covered 

lets make it blind

you guess

play it right 

cause in a game 

maybe chances more

but in life

 only have  once to score 



stakes seems high 

counting the nights 

how many days of playing high

dont know what’s left behind


in race of reaching peak

don’t  forget; why you started please

the game started with caution

yet over enthusiastic self

ignored the genuine notion 

now it blames on loosing lines

leap and dive 

after knowing rules


Health complements wealth 

everyone says 

must remember everyday 

but not to forget 

to keep that health alive


you need stacks of green 

cards swiping on  streets


play the game 

stay in game 

and may all rule the game

its not surpassing others 

but living with others everyday 



  • Goldfinch60

    That last stanza is so very true spilleronsheet.


    • spilleronsheet

      Thanks dear Andy
      Much appreciated

    • Saxon Crow

      Very true Spiller and I hear your words. But my cynical nature always thinks that there's some one out there who knows the rules better than me haha

      • spilleronsheet

        That’s not being cynical but being competitive I guess and it’s a good sign

        • Saxon Crow

          Competitive? Eek I bet you I'm not.

        • Rozina

          Very true words.

        • AuburnScribbler

          A fantastic poetical tale of caution and realisation here spilleronsheet.

          I used to be a "horse man", but as you've beautifully outlined in this poem, it's important to follow your own code of conduct/common sense, rather than follow the "rules" of their dangerous game.

          Bravo, and I hope that all is well!

          • spilleronsheet

            Thanks dear AuburnScribbler
            It sure is
            If one understands the game they will be ahead

          • L. B. Mek

            'in race of reaching peak
            don’t forget;
            why you started please

            the game started with caution
            but, an over enthusiastic self
            may ignore that crucial notion'..
            (another intriguing write
            demonstrating some deep levels
            of self-reflection and insight)
            wording, may need slight refringent
            but your poetry
            is perfectly fine, just as it is
            thanks for sharing, dear Poet

            • spilleronsheet

              Thanks dear Mek
              Glad you liked it

              • spilleronsheet

                Next time a more flowing poetry i shall write

              • woundedheart

                If we have our health we are already winners better not to gamble on it and rather keep it safe. ☺

                • spilleronsheet

                  That is true
                  Yep gambling no good
                  But everyday aren’t we gambling
                  Risking something everyday for living

                • Vamsi Sudha

                  Dear Spiller, You started your game and please don't stop it...Let it go on...Wonderful interweave of words and notion !! Thanks for spilling such wonderful lines for us ...And looking for more from you !!

                  • spilleronsheet

                    Sure dear Vamsi i shall do my best
                    Burn the oil to achieve the dreams wedded in eyes

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