katie the naughty poet

My Reflection

The reflection in my mirror

is not the same as your eyes see

I see a shell of a broken woman

trying to stay alive...

attempting to feel,

something... anything...

shadowed eyes full of pain,

seeping sorrows droplets

disguised as a tear,

gliding down a broken cheek,


a mouth that can not speak

words choke in the throat

scribbles lost in spluttered speech

depression surrounding my aura

curving my need for desperation

breathing in nought but sadness

exhaling, not any of it

holding tight to my shattered insides

while smiling on the surface

never letting it show...

you only see the mask of me

not my real reflection...


  • Keith

    Powerful and well constructed.

  • Neil Higgins

    Wow.A reflection of thoughts,staring back from the mirror.A stunning piece Katie.Superb imagery.

  • orchidee

    It's Kitty! She's falling to pieces. She isn't getting any...... well you know! lol.
    I'm Kitty obsessed.

  • L. B. Mek

    then they went and plastered
    'actual' masks on our faces
    to deepen the divide and segregation
    between our sense of self
    and the who
    we project ourselves to be
    so as to survive, this precious gift
    labelled: life...
    for its purposed accessibility
    heart-wrenching, sincerity
    and self-assured bravery!)

  • woundedheart

    Even on a second read this is a wonderful poem full of open6and emotion my friend

  • Teddy.15

    Dear Katie, relatable in every way. Magnificent 💖

  • fallenAngel1🕊

    Had to mark it a favourite! Absolutely brilliant!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Goldfinch60

    Very emotive write katie, others never see beneath that mask we wear but I am sure that behind that mask there will be a light and that light will be seen by you in that mirror.


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