Saxon Crow

The Activist?

Huzzah the activist! 
The liberty liberator
The free thinking agitator
The great truth orator
Listen, listen to his words
So full of empassioned feeling
Of a hard done by world

That's lost all meaning

And is left unheard

Of an angry crowd
Out in the cold
Controlled by fat cats
Who shape and mould
Huzzah the activist
The changer of worlds
The individuator
And saviour of souls 
Never realising 
that he still conforms
To a way of thinking
That's system borne


  • Goldfinch60

    If only that could happen and the world could be come the wonderful place it could be SC.


  • Teddy.15

    Wow Sax this is like music 🎶 brilliant

  • dusk arising

    The cycle of politics, destined for failure and re-birth.

  • L. B. Mek

    This, and similarly insightful texts
    is what should be on school curriculums,
    wording the hypocrisy of the world
    in a relatable and accessible manner
    so those young enough
    to heed its meaning
    and avoid previous generations
    can benefit, the most!
    rest of us, too old to do anything but just grunt
    nod, our apathetical frustrations
    and waste
    your poetry's:
    'call to arms', for change
    change! starting from within..
    (what this last few decades have done
    to traumatise people, to the word
    'Activist', is unforgivable
    when you think ahead, and wonder
    who now
    would dare, frontline a revolution...?)
    fck'ng stopping traffic and preventing everyday, trodden-on
    hard working people
    from getting, to their lifeline jobs
    and calling it 'activism'
    or that most
    poisonously abject of terms: 'creating awareness',
    those self-indulgent morons!

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