Paul Bell

The Living Dead

She gets high on suicide

Cos that’s the aphrodisiac 

Running through her veins

At some point soon

She’ll hear that tune

Pushing her nearer

To her doom

The note is already in her head

Recited from the living dead

Goodbye world

It’s time to go

I know you know

But don’t feel sorry for little me

Cos this is the day I finally see

Maybe next time you never know

But for now it’s time to go

Finally, falling fast asleep

Exactly like they said

The note now lying beside her head

The final extract it simply read

Recited from the living dead.


  • L. B. Mek

    crude wording, I imagine done
    for poetic effect, to awaken
    but sadly, just as easily
    could backfire and cause
    some unsuspecting reader
    unnecessary hurt..
    (just my wussy-ass
    & its soppy, do-gooder
    way of thinking
    please, ignore my words completely
    if you disagree)
    I still like, and support
    what your poem was trying to achieve, dear Poet
    'At some point soon
    She’ll hear that tune
    Pushing her nearer
    To her doom
    The note is already in her head
    Recited from the living dead'
    (from the living dead
    how morbidly true
    this reads)

    • Paul Bell

      No, I get your point, and suicide should definitely never be trivialised. This poem fallows on from the poem, OKAY. All about mental healt.

      You can’t see their mental health

      It’s not like a leg break

      They keep it locked away

      I’m okay, with a smile

      Write that down

      Hear the bells

      I’m okay

      Now listen up

      The sure fire way to knowing the problem

      Is the note

      This will tell you all you need to know

      You don’t want to read it


      • L. B. Mek

        brilliant concept, next time
        please give as a hint in the author's comment
        and a link to the previous, relevant write
        so we can fully contextualise, the deeper meaning
        in your concepts and words, my friend
        (you already know our reader's brains
        need all the help, we can get
        'clutching at straws here') lol

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      • spilleronsheet

        That’s sad and grief stricken
        How sad
        Yet why does now everyone think like that

        • Paul Bell

          I think there's too much pressure on kids these days, not helped by social media, that actually shows you how to commit suicide.

          • spilleronsheet

            Yep that’s true

          • Teddy.15

            And some don't even leave a note. 💖

            • Paul Bell

              Absolutely right, Teddy, some don't leave notes.

            • screaming goat.

              This is amazing and I love it.

              • Paul Bell

                Thanks, screaming goat.

              • Rozina

                During the total lockdowns the number of suicides jumped up. Pressure had increased on those who had lost their business, income, families broken up. But the kids who spent even more time online and were being bullied was another big group of suicides You're right, mental health is a very important issue to bring up.

                • Paul Bell

                  The last two years have been hellish for some out there.

                • Goldfinch60

                  Very good words Paul but suicide leaves so much sorrow for others when it happens.


                  • Paul Bell

                    It sure does, always a trail of despair.

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