More Than Just barely a Flutter

More Than Just barely a Flutter


Just in case you ever

dare to forget

that final sated flutter ..

Gentle as it

might once have been

against the

rough side of your

now familiar tongue ..


how desperate

 it must have then

seemed ..

Most surely futile,

if you ask me,

set like that between

the final gasps

of your very own

lost innocence ..

Just like

some hapless moth,

perchance ..

Unstable and uncertain

why it should,

or when it might

next turn,

to rid itself of those

very flames,

its own scorched

and fragile wings

once inadvertently

fanned ..

Before that is,

a certain realization

eventually dawned

and it occurred to her,

in truth,

she was no phoenix after all 





  • Fay Slimm.

    The risk of losing all by uncertainty is brought to mind here by your winsome words Nev. - lost innocence struck me as reason enough and the lead up to inevitable scorch made the impact more clear- --great read and
    good to see you back posting again dear friend............x

    • Neville

      tis good to be back my dear lady Fay .. especially when one gets such a warm welcome and encouraging comment as the one you left behind ............................................................. N 🙂 x

    • Keith

      Really enjoyed reading this. A fine piece of writing and thought provoking too.

      • Neville

        You just made this old fella smile bigly Keith .. Many thank you's kind sir ................... Neville 🙂

      • Neil Higgins

        Great piece of work Neville.Also glad you are posting again.
        As you might see from my profile,I am now in incognito mode for 2022.I also took down all of my work from last year,in a gesture of "poetic vengeance"
        I just thought it was "a new kind of art" and the sort of "thing" poets do,but never mind.

        Neil 😎

        • Neville

          Good to see you Neil, or not to see you as is the case in this case my friend .. I guess a change is as good as a rest .......................... maybe .. but anyway, I am delighted you took the time to visit my latest little scribble ................. Neville 🙂

          • Neil Higgins

            Will remove face mask on January 26th 🤔

          • Teddy.15

            Seems to me a survivor of loves cruel games
            So very happy to see you sweet Neville. 💖

            • Neville

              So good to hear that Teddy .. Cheers 🙂 x

            • spilleronsheet

              A beautiful work dear poet
              Glad to see you again with your finest works
              Such elegance
              And such deep thoughts
              The last lines were a thunderclap
              ‘“ Before that is,

              a certain realization

              eventually dawned

              and it occurred to her,

              in truth,

              she was no phoenix after all “

              • Neville

                What an absolutely delightful & uplifting visit yours essentially turned out to be my friend .. thank you so much 🙂 Neville

              • Goldfinch60

                Good to see you back Neville with such fine words as usual.


                • Neville

                  Good to be back Andy .. thanks for the thumbs up & the welcome my friend 🙂

                • Solar Impulse_1912

                  Beautiful poem Neville! Makes me feel scared though. Still desperately holding on to that dream of always being able to start again. Of holding on to that image of love. But slowly realising that youth and time are not mine anymore.

                  • Neville

                    Your words here are way too kind but they are hugely appreciated my friend .. Many thanks indeed .. Neville

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