screaming goat.

Next time.

Down the street
through the water.
The flood's come
to slaughter
If only I could think.
You're skin's salmon pink,
but I'll keep going.
You keep growing,
and I'll see you later.
Maybe in the next life.

I’ll chance to dream
These waters scream
Of horrors dragging some down stream
That other life might be less mean
A new world
With a brand-new theme

My muse is up that tree again
and once again it's got my tounge
Last time I had to give it catnip
but this time I have none
If I continue on with my words
This fusioned will be for the birds

Beneath pewter waters
drifting, slowly drifting
past reed covered banks
towards a torrid sea
never to return
never to breathe
into oblivion.

With a mind like a sponge
She gazes out the car window
Into a world passing by
with such wonder in her eyes
as she dances in her car seat
to danceclub music.
Hip grandma is erked
She knows her nineteen month old granddaughter is cooler

Next time.
That means I failed this time
Is there a next time?
I wish I succeeded,
Then I wouldn't have to face these consequences
The consequences of my actions

Next time I have a chance to live
I'll chase my dreams
Next time I have a chance to die
I won't stop to think of what it means

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