In this square
I took a chance - 
Beneath the moon
I hummed a tune
And slowly, slowly
You began to dance.

Fragile steps at first.
I held your hand
And blindly 
You led me
Whirling round
The plaza.
No sight.
No sound.
But you knew...
You just knew
How to guide me.
How to feel your every move
To the music in our heads.
And a gateway opened
And we fell through.
and heels
................into love.




  • Teddy.15

    And I think I just fell in love. As I myself live within meters of the beautiful piazza's (town squares) surrounding me I often wonder where they made for lovers and the stars that twinkle down on such chemistry of love. LoL oh Keith I'm off with blushing cheeks ๐Ÿ’– in my local town we actually have a blind singer he is quite amazing.

    • Keith

      It was lovely to watch - the boy, though sighted seemed happy to be led by his blind girlfriend. We take sight for granted don't we. She was so happy and inspirational. Glad you liked it, Teddy!

    • pearlsofdew22

      Hermoso poema, puedo imaginar a los enamorados bailando en la plaza.

      • Keith

        Gracias por tus amables palabras ..

        • pearlsofdew22

          de nada

        • Rozina

          I can see this scene clearly from your poem. The couple, the music, the moonlight, everyone mesmerised by the scene.

          • Keith

            Thank yous so much , Rozina!

          • Daydream Believer

            I am so in love with this poem. A moving piece. Then as I read your commentary I could not stop my eyes filling with tears. You truly moved this reader. Thank you for sharing what must of been such a beautiful moment to witness ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒท

            • Keith

              What a lovely comment - thank you for making the effort - your words mean a lot. So glad you liked it!

              • Daydream Believer

                The thanks is all mine ๐Ÿ™ For you have etched in time a precious moment, that I feel all who find your words shall be as moved as I. So thank you for gifting in such a beautiful way, a lovely memory ๐ŸŒป

              • Fay Slimm.

                A once in a lifetime experience and you pen the occasion so memorably Keith - -- I shall remember that beautiful duo dancing and she without sight will be in my mind for always now. Thanking you so much for sharing that magical moment with us.

                • Keith

                  It makes my work all worthwhile to hear such a reaction, Fay. Thank you.

                • Goldfinch60

                  Beautiful words Keith, their love must have shone from them as they danced.


                  • Keith

                    It did, a remarkable scene - I felt like I ws the only one who had noticed them - and they were wonderfully oblivious anyway to people passing by.

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