Misconception of position


The vast desert welcomes the traveller 

The golden sand glistening and blazing 

with no life around 

searching for oasis in surrounds 

mirages were seen 

for the quench of thirst 

oh!!! Behold …

the dancing princess was nothing but smoke 

the sand moved on tune 

drifting with the winds 

changing its score 

as the traveller heard the folklore 

when did he start 

and where shall it end 

where’s the origin 

where’s the destination 

all eyes could see was a river of sand 

a compass screwed 

lost in its own magnetism 

to the mornings that lured 

to the dying sand 

was there any solution 

maybe the moon could guide 

guide to a beautiful caravan 

For  sole and soul to  rest 

a gust of chimera opened 

when nothing was found 

traveller transported 

transported to the shore 

boarding a wooden boat 

as he pranced to dwell in boat 

his leap unsteady 

made him fall 

every one step ahead 

why took him behind by two 

was life teaching  him 

you would loose 

on the noose 

upon singing a lullaby 

the heart leaped 

placed in lap of boat 

to travel the journeys of world 

wonder when the chimera shall show up 

or when reality may creep in 

will the travel seem funnier than destination itself ?


  • Author: spilleronsheet (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 28th, 2022 03:37
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 41
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  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    Your recent poems are so engaging to read , spiller 🙂 great writing again , loving your mention of a princess

    • spilleronsheet

      Thanks a lot dear Rose…its a delight the princess got applauds…thanks dear Rose

    • Rozina

      In the desert mirages play tricks on the eyes. Your poem depicts this beautifully.

      • spilleronsheet

        Thanks dear Rozina…tried my best to create the illusion of mirage

      • L. B. Mek

        'oh!!! Behold …
        that dancing princess, was nothing but smoke n desert, mirages
        the sand
        moved in-tune, drifting
        with the winds, changing
        its score
        as the traveller, heard
        the folklore'

        'a gust of chimera opened
        yet nothing was found
        traveller, despairingly transported
        transported: back
        to the shore
        aboard a wooden boat
        prancing, upon planks of wood with frustration
        his unsteady leap, at destination
        made him fall'

        'to travel, the journeys of world
        whether chimera shall ever
        or when reality's grey clouds
        may creep in..'
        (really liked
        how you gave this didactive tale
        such an engaging narrative
        as a flexible, spine
        so your poetry
        can be enjoyed, as a simple
        entertaining read
        or for those
        with more time, can look closer
        in a more discerning frame of mind
        to reveal it's insightful, depths)
        a great write!
        thanks for sharing, dear Poet

        • spilleronsheet

          Thank you so much dear Mek for showing the light to help bring more aura to my write…

        • FallenAngel1🕊

          The only desert I've ever seen had these two really funny animals in it,and one was always chasing the other all over the place,..beep,beep🌵💥😂 The deserts really are places of wonder,forever changing,..making it impossible for us to map them. And the treasures of both wealth they hold and stories they could tell,..lol,can you imagine running into someone out in the middle of the desert building a boat,lol😂✌️🕊

          • spilleronsheet

            Well my mind can imagine a lot
            It’s too free to fly
            Blame it on the texts hitting in every line

          • Goldfinch60

            Wonderful words spilleronsheet, that chimera can lead us into the best and worst in our lives.


            • spilleronsheet

              So true dear Andy
              What is real
              What is chimera
              Wish life could be a chimera
              But will we like that chimera

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