"A Shoulder to Cry On "

"All My Life I was Searching,

I never saw her approaching,

Unsure was I, if she's a friend or a foe!

But then, I let it go with the flow"


"Naive like a blooming flower,

Weak like a setting Sun,

To me, she was a light at the end of the road,

But then, I let it go with the flow"


"Never had a friend but had many mates around,

To them, I was just a happy clown,

But when I looked into her eyes, I saw the pain I once had before,

And then I thought, I could be the light at the end of her road! "


"Why me? Why am I the one who's always in pain?

All the miseries and sufferings came knocking at my door,

But when I looked into her eyes, I realised, 

Yes, I am meant to be the light at the end of her road"


“Never questioned, always agreed,

Never in her thoughts it came that I could also be wrong,

The way she looked up to me,

Gave me the strength & Courage to help her all along”


“I may be right, I may be wrong,

But she wants to be a part of it all,

She is my strength and I give her courage,

With a smile , I whispered in her ears                    

 “ Together, Lets Create History”


“She never doubted my intensions,

But never hesitated to point at me,

With fearless heart, she pampers the beast within me,

Well….after all, she is the best to make a Cat out of a Lion”


“She stood by me like a barricade against all odds,

Against nurture she fights, shouting out loud “The Truths”,

And then, a peaceful selfish thought lured slowly within me,

Did I really metamorphosized her from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly?”


“She is my strength, she is my courage,

I give her strength, I give her courage,

And after all these years, I think to myself,

Isn’t this what is called “True Friendship”?



  • Author: T4Trinity (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 4th, 2022 12:12
  • Comment from author about the poem: Dedicated to Shraddha - A colleague, friend - The first human being to encourage me in persuing my dreams and to trust me unconditionally.
  • Category: Friendship
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  • Alexander Pope III

    The poem reflects u have deep feelings to write something that is intense and it is not easy to bring or create such a feel

    • T4Trinity

      Thank you. I have never been a creative person. I used to play cricket with my Brother and his friends. So i was a bit skeptical. I am encouraged by your words . Thanks again

    • Rocky Lagou

      Gracious poem. I love the back and forth between support. It's a reciprocal friendship and that's what makes it powerful.👍

      • T4Trinity

        Thank you. Ofcourse friendship is always two sided. But sadly the one who gives always keeps giving and the one who receives always keeps receiving.
        Thanks again

      • Buzz Bray

        "Did I really metamorphosized her from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly?” Beauty in the eye of the beholder? Why not? To be trusted implicitly is a gift, rare and special. True friendship. Loved it!

      • blue orchid

        This is a really touching poem
        My husband, foreverjesus6,calls me his butterfly,he brought me out of my cocoon,and let me fly right into hi heart.

      • littlegreenbag

        Such a sweet poem! Good job!

      • sally

        this poems shows how strong and beautiful the relationship you have with your bestfriend, may you always saty togheher : )

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