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  • Ghost0e

    “Dear MPS community, due to an unexpected change, I will unfortunately be absent from this website for some time. I had expected to return in August, but my family situation (overprotective parents) has made it impossible to access this site, or any other poetic site for that matter. In November, I will be moving to Georgia with my aunt, and there I look forward to publishing poems and interacting with other fellow poets on this site again. I anticipate my comeback to be around December. But until then, I will have to announce myself as being on indefinite leave. I hope that everyone stays safe, and that you will await my return. Poetry is powerful, and I hope to return with many more poems (and maybe even a book) upon my comeback. - Rocky Lagou”

    • Rocky Lagou

      Hello MPS community, please check out my friend's book "A Skyful of Love." I had the great honor and privilege of writing the foreword:

      • MR.apocalypse

        you should check uot my new poem on the violence of today

        • Rocky Lagou

          So I'm writing in the hopes to reach out to Teddy.15 right now, if anyone else comes across this message on my "Wall" then please send Teddy a message saying that for whatever reason I'm unable to communicate with her. It's not allowing me to respond to her posts or to message her directly. So if someone could do me that favor it'll be much appreciated.

            • spilleronsheet

              I wonder the same….if any clue please do share the same

            • Robert Tilleard

              Since you kindly commented on my poem I thought you might like to know it's to be published in The Spectator magazine, a major UK weekly.

                • Rocky Lagou

                  Hey! It's nice to see someone comment on my "wall." You're the first to do so. I'm assuming you're talking about the poem "The Old Camellia House." Congrats on such a feat, It's a poem worthy of recognition. ✨

                • Rocky Lagou

                  I just checked and my poem, "If You Look Hard Enough, You'll Find It" is on the trending page of MPS. I just want to thank everyone for considering my work and leaving your feedback on it. Thanks! 💖👍😁

                  • Rocky Lagou

                    What a shame it's limited to one poem a day 😔. I literally have like an entire book of poetry just sitting in a Word doc 😅,

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