Sounds can be so pretty. Manipulated so easily to sound like different things. Music, rhythm, instruments, are all pieces to the same puzzle. Voices can be so soothing as if they’re the anchor that’s holding you down in the place you need to be. 

Have you ever experienced a voice so beautiful you had to close your eyes to completely enjoy it? A voice so soothing, that you needed to focus on just one sense in order to hear it from all. A sound that not only seeps into your ears, but you can see, feel, taste, smell. 

A sound that is peering through your insides, navigating to reach your heart and soul. Finding anywhere within you to settle down and resonate for a couple of days. Until the sound gets louder and louder, creating an impact around for which it must escape and no longer reside within you. However, still so loud that it continues to echo through your soul even when you’ve moved on. Just for it to be played again, and continue to fill up the holes it made within you one last time. With each hole a memory, with each memory a scent and feeling and any other sense just all compacted into the small file that is that recording, that voice.

As if you could fall in love with just that voice, detached to the beguiled human it may belong to. If that voice were to be its own being, it would have the wings of an angel, with every flap bringing a cool breeze on a hot summer day. With hair as soft as Cotten, that you wish you could just cut off and crochet into a blanket to cover yourself in. So that it would be the last thing you would feel at night and the first in the morning. The smooth silky skin of a demon, just begging you to even dare touch, because as soon as you would, your fingertips would burn away. 

But it would be worth it if every burn was kissed by each breeze from their breath. 

If only my lungs were as powerful to release such beauty if only my throat was coated with honey so that every word I spoke beckoned others to listen. So that what I had to say, not only mattered but heard. But longed for. But called upon.

For if I could release glimpses of heaven through my voice, I would never stop singing until every sentient in this world transcended.

  • Author: Areon101 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 4th, 2022 13:12
  • Comment from author about the poem: Just my thoughts when I hear people singing.
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  • Rocky Lagou

    As a music lover myself, this was relatable. Music has a power over people that is nearly unexplainable. Lovely worded. Great job on this masterpiece!🎶

  • Buzz Bray

    I love it!!!!! This is magnificent. It's like you read my own thoughts. "Have you ever experienced a voice so beautiful you had to close your eyes to completely enjoy it?" Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you for this work of beauty!

  • Rozina

    Wow! Beautiful lines of truth.

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