After I Killed Myself


I wake up, thinking it didn't work. Suddenly someone is next to me and I stand up quickly to find that it did. I look behind me and see someone crying, bent over my dead, overmedicated body. I watch the scene in front of me. Paramedics rush in, putting my covered body on a gurney. I walked next to my body and see my family crying, getting angry, and looking disappointed. We go outside and i see the whole school and my friends outside, talking to the police. I go over to my friends and gives them a hug, even though I'm not with them anymore. I look around and right in front of me, i see a bright light. I move towards it and stop to look back one last time and wave goodbye to everyone....

  • Author: xGoldyPupx (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 4th, 2022 13:31
  • Comment from author about the poem: please don't take this poem as my last. this is something i've had dreams about and wanted to share.
  • Category: Short story
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  • Rocky Lagou

    Interesting. I like the "3rd pov" perspective of this poem. Like a detachment from your body to an onlooker. Good job!👍

    • xGoldyPupx

      thank you! i would like to know what you find interesting on it if you dont mind

    • Rocky Lagou

      Yeah, I liked the imagery and the tone that you used, it really set the mood for the rest of the text. I also appreciate the length, since I'm usually into short poems, good job!

    • Buzz Bray

      There's something fascinating about this. You never say overtly how you feel. You don't romanticize suicide. But this dispassionate narrative leads to some powerful feelings. Nicely done.

    • Ajax (he/xe)

      I'm speechless, honestly, a wonderful work of art.

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