“ April said “


Her name was April she never had a dad

April never seen her mom really love a man 
So April played around with every guy she ever had
Cause April believe that only the weak fall in love 
Cause she seen her mom and her mom wasn't the same since her dad left 
So she made a promise to her self
April look in the mirror an said I'm beautiful and I'm a beast 
And it's nothing weak about a beast, so to April love doesn't exist 
So I'm in the club and I see her, so I asked her her name
She said April and can I get ur in exchange 
I said my name is shahid and Ill love to take you out sometime 
She said that would be find and here's my number call me some time 
That was the day me and April met
2years later we still here , I tell her I love her but she never tells me she love me back but she did explain to me why was that
She said her mom never told her how to love a man, but she show me what love does to you
So I ask what does love do to you?
She said it hurts you to no return , you can smile on the outside but inside it's a burn
I said but love don't always do that to you 
She said the love I always seen does 
She said the day my dad left I told him I love him, he said I love you and promise to come back but he never did
I said but April I will never leave you
She said so stop telling me you love me , cause in my eyes love isn’t forever 
She said Shahid I don't ever want to love you I just want you to stay here so I can always embrace you 
So from that day forth I stop using the word love and started using "embrace".......
  • Author: Bryheim (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 4th, 2022 14:36
  • Category: Unclassified
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