The Story of a French Girl and an English Boy: Part 1

Alex PB

Notice of absence from Alex PB
Writin' more and more poems is my job,
I shall write when Shakespeare is back.

Our quick story starts a bit like this,

2 lovers in fairyland looking for bliss,

They knock into each other and decide they both needa kiss,

Before you know it it was all fleur-de-lis, 

A king and a queen both looking for love,

Where the crown was announced with the flying of a white dove,

It's funny to me how it managed to end so quickly,

They haven't even managed to talk about what they gonna do at 50,

He was a dreamer looking to go into Paris,

But she didn't like that, she didn't like Paris,

Come somewhere closer how you come to Toulouse,

Cause you'll be with me now there is nothing to lose,

He said I'll book the tickets as soon as it hits summer, 

Just wait for me, I'll even hire a drummer,

To play the beat of our hearts uniting in two,

But as always relationships don't even pull through,

She fell in love too quickly and he didn't develop feelings, 

She got hurt and cried a lot, she felt like she got a beating,

Didn't talk for a few days he decided to block her,

Until his feelings kicked in and decided he loved her,

Now here's the crazy part, the dude was broken inside,

But her love managed to revive him even on the outside,

He was more happy, more jolly, more nice,

Until he got into his head again and wanted it to die,

"I'm not the right guy you need to leave me" he cried,

"But you're perfect for me and you said that you love me,

Are you going to lie again and block me,

Then come back to me and think it'll be easy"

"You're right, I'm stupid" he agreed,

And for a small while they were back in the green,

Then it all turned red again and once into again into his head,

She didn't have internet so he couldn't say he wanted to tuck her into bed, 

But he got suspicious and more paranoid,

"What if she's talking to another guy and I'm getting her annoyed",

Well you see that's the mistake you don't wanna make,

Gotta trust your partner more and give it more time to wait, 

Then they just got into a big fight again,

Until she asked "what do you even have to gain"

He didn't know the answer and realised he was stupid,

His heart again got shot by Cupid,

Wrote multiple paragraphs about how sorry he is,

She didn't take the bait this time, it was bullshit to eat, 

She said "fuck off" and decided to leave the chat in the soil,

Do what you fucking want to hell and boil,

He started to regret the actions and soon as he could,

She said nothing no more and thought about why the fuck she would,

You ruined this for yourself dont cry your eyes at me,

You're another dude in my life who decided to hurt me,

So keep your feelings on the surface like water on oil,

This is the story of a French girl and an English boy,

And if you can risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

Then you can say that the English boy lost. 

  • Author: APB (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 7th, 2022 07:04
  • Comment from author about the poem: I love you Morgane.
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  • Jay-Lee Jane

    wow...just wow..
    I've studied Shakespeare for a few years and this reminds me of a modern Romeo and Juliet with a surprising twist. I admire your storytelling and unique ability to draw an audience in...
    A really refreshing view on love (young love even) and 'dumb' mistakes or self-sabotaging behaviors we can too easily make or slip into by getting into our heads. I love how you did something slightly unexpected by making the boy the insure one who was in his head, as many things ive read are about how the girl is insecure and up in her head - really makes you think. and how often we dont realize our mistakes or what we've lost until its too late...

    thank you for sharing!! keep up the amazing work.

    • Alex PB

      Thanks a lot, I really do appreciate it!

    • L. B. Mek

      wonderfully expressive, and really like all the modern cultural references
      thanks for sharing

      • Alex PB

        No, I thank you for reading!

      • Rocky Lagou

        Yo! This is witty-witty. Good job! Why love gotta be so complicated?!?!💖👍

        • Alex PB

          No clue, but it's beautiful at the same time 🙂

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