Sex Addict

Paul Bell

It was an instant affair
Lust at first sight
He gave it his all
Lasted all night
She watched him go
Marked him an eight
Gave a slight grin
As her fingers slid in
Shower and fed
Work for the dead
Tonight someone new
Speak dirty
Just screw
Gave him a five
For being alive
Left in no doubt
As she threw him out
She sighed with a grin
As the love wand slid in
What does a girl have to do
To get a decent screw
Told him straight
Hold tight, please wait
What does he do
Wasn’t even worth a two
Opens her drawer
To her comfort and joy
The wonder boy
Go down, stop
Okay, you’ve reached the spot
What are you doing
Not a lot
Not even worth a mark
Thrown to the sharks
Opens her drawer
Rubs in some cream
Pops in some eggs
Lets out a scream
Starts to dream
He’s shaped like a dildo
Packs his own cream
No batteries required
Where has he been
Finally, found her man
Ten out of ten
Thank you god, amen
Wakes up with a smile
But just for a while
Ah well, great for a time
She sighs with a grin
As her fingers slid in.

  • Author: Paul Bell (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 7th, 2022 12:30
  • Category: Erotic
  • Views: 118
  • User favorite of this poem: Richmondpomes.


  • Rocky Lagou

    Erotic and enticing. I love how the refrain is "as her fingers slid in." Probably one of the most hardcore refrains I've ever read. Good job! 😁

    • Paul Bell

      She was hard to please.

    • Rozina

      Wow phew!

      • Paul Bell

        No pleasing that girl. lol

      • Richmondpomes

        Very good, made me second think my sexuality

        • Paul Bell

          I think she was a girl searching for herself.

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