Swinging in the wind

Ajax (he/xe)

I see my body
Swinging in the wind
"I'm actually dead,"
I say with a grin
I'm finally free
All by myself
But soon I start to think
I should've asked for help.

I take the thought
and flush it down the drain
What would you care?
Here comes the rain.
You would've overlooked me.
Ignored my pain.
I'm here now
What's past is past
I don't have to see you
at so long last.

I've been praying for death
for so very long
I'll use my very last breath
to toke on this bong
I'll hold the smoke
And if I only pass out
It wasn't my time
I'll seek a new route
And if my new route should fail
I'll just say fuckit and bail

Although I don't have to see you at last
My mind and body are stuck in the past
Why did I do it, what have I done?
This satisfying feeling is slowly going gone
My life may have dark, brutal, and sad
But was it really that bad?
Regret washes over my mind
But my conscious says it was best to die

Sitting here all alone
I awake to a stone
I look around for signs of hell
But see no fires that I can tell
So I look around for signs of heaven
But there are no Angels to be seen
so I'll close my eyes and count to seven
As I open up I look for death
The smoke comes out in my breath

It's cold and Solace is a ghost
The smoke that comes out my mouth
Wasn't generated by my throat
Something has entered my being
A new sense of living is taking flight!
Though I have committed suicide
I can still feel the hands that are touching me
They're preparing me for my afterlife
A new sense of living is on the rise!

To those who are close to you
You are millions of miles away
And from me, who is physically away
But you keep the total sway
Its mind that makes love shine
When i am at volga and you are at rhine
Every time i listen to wind chime
My heart sings your rhyme
Distance between bodies is easy to overcome
But nothing matters if mind and heart is numb
Only I can see so clearly you
One lying next is oblivious to that charm of you
Light that you emit
only reaches me and pierce my heart
others may glow in your shine
But never see that part of you
which is divine
We are a paranormal machine
In coffee you are sugar, i am caffeine
Lets celebrate the distance
that pulls us closer every second
May be soul is all that matter
Body is something anyone can shatter
Let us physically grow so apart
That our souls become work of Art

Urban exploration
What a great pastime for people like me
It's the act of exploring abandoned places like the Sultan Sea
There's no one around,to stop me now
This really is,my chance,to bow
I'll smoke a big joint and have a few brews
And get feeling good,as I tie this noose
This is no joke,I'm here all alone
I wonder how long?Will there be flesh on my bones?

To swing in the wind, is like a dolphin without fins.
In my mind, I do grin, but at the end, some do win.
Is it right, or wrong that we sin.
We must deposit our trash in the bin.
But some people's skin is so thin.
It's like they are swinging in the wind.

  • Authors: Ajax (Pseudonym), Screaming goat, W.J.G.🕊, Ash :), Rocky Lagou, Pope , The BlackShakespeare
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: February 25th, 2022 15:00
  • Limit: 10 stanzas
  • Invited: Friends (users on his/her list of friends can participate)
  • Comment from author about the poem: it's about suicide, I'm excited to see what you all can come up with.
  • Category: Sad
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