blue orchid

Do you believe

Do you believe in the good Lord above,
Do you believe in the fact of true love,
Do you believe in Jesus Christ,
Can you see his everlasting light,
Can you feel the love that he sends down,
Can you feel the pain of the thorns on his crown.
Do you believe that Christ Jesus died for you,
Do you believe that it was because he loves you,

All of it,
is so very true.
Christ is real.
Still believing,
is up to you.
Do you believe,
that Jesus died,
for our sins?
Do you believe,
that He has risen again?
Do you believe,
that He will,
defeat the devil,
in the end?
Do you believe,
when He promised,
He would send,
the Holy Spirit,
to all women and men?
I know that I do,
because all of it is true.
It is not if,
He will come back.
Rather it is when.
So I know,
that I believe.
Still, do YOU believe,
in the Gospel of Christ,
and that by dying,
for our sins,
He paid the ultimate price?

I was asked the question
“Do I believe?”
I used to believe,
But no longer,
The christian god is a myth.
Where my wife prayed to him,
Prayed and sung his virtues
For ALL her long life
He just took her,
Took her into the realms of dementia.
No matter how I prayed
He just was not there,
Not there for her.
She was taken from me
And on that day I realised,
Realised that religion was a myth,
Organised religion was a myth.
So I renounced christianity
In that moment I became free.
It was as if a weight had been lifted,
Had been lifted from my shoulders.
I was free,
Free to worship My God and My Spirit,
No more untruths told to me,
Told to me by organised religion.
So now I can say I am free,
And may YOUR god go with you.

Do you believe in a better tomorrow,
And that the most high God will heal you sorrow,
Many don't believe in Him as I,
And have fallen among the thorns on the wayside.
Many have lost their faith, because of a terrible time of trial,
And Gods existence is met with denial.
Within myself,my heart truly weeps,
And I promise God that I'm playing for keeps.
My faith in God will I will NEVER lose,
For it is God's love and salvation that I freely choose

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