Every row, every column

Shadows casting rectangular glow

Each one, every one

Gets their spotlight for show


Every square, every student

Brings forth their patchwork heart

Eventually one, eventually some

Concedes and falls apart


Equal shine, equal share

He gives me the spotlight glare

Even this elegant heart

Doesn't ease the audience scare

  • Author: ProfessionalPaperDigester (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 23rd, 2022 08:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: This was written about the fear of presenting, even when you're confident you have something worth sharing.
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  • Christina8

    Beautiful rhyme!!! It can be hard to get up in front of people, I understand. Well expressed.

  • Rocky Lagou

    Okay, I used to be SUPER terrified of public speaking and performing. I used to be in my middle school's orchestra and theatre clubs and I despised it. But since my main aspiration in life is singing and performing to multitudes, I've matured in that aspect. You just kind of have to let loose a little and understand that everybody is dumb! Like mostly we're scared that people will judge us but once you full comprehend that the audience is nothing more than that, an audience, then you'll begin to feel comfortable on stage. Just ignore the "haters," at the end of the day, YOUR the one up on the stage, not them! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

    • ProfessionalPaperDigester

      Exactly! I'm a practicing singer as well as multi-instrumentalist and I've overcome most of my fears, now I have to get over my fear of sharing my writing with people (the biggest reason I'm on here).

      • Rocky Lagou

        Okay well thank goodness for that! Also don't shy away from sharing your poetry. It's really good and fyi, poetry is subjective. Nobody can classify whether your poetry "is" or "is not" "good." So just write how you feel and about what inspires you! πŸ’–βœ¨

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      • Paul Bell

        Sharing poetry, it's like waiting for the trap door to open. In saying that, I liked it.

      • orchidee

        We would go mad though (insane) if we stopped to think at EVERY poem what EVERY one was thinking of it! Or else, we would never write ANY thing!
        We can have some 'feeling' that we are framing our poems to please as many as possible. But really, we should just be ourselves, I think.
        I'm thinking more about writing poems here, than about presenting them.

        • ProfessionalPaperDigester

          And that's a great way of thinking about writing! But I believe it better to also get an outsiders reaction, because you never know who has great ideas!

          • orchidee

            Just don't join the somewhat dull Poets Group that I joined for a while, until I was dozing off more than staying awake, during recitations of the poems - or rather mumblings! lol. I thought 'Oh no, here's ------ again - he/she will be about 3 hours - or feels that long!' heehee.

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          • spilleronsheet

            The fear does cloud
            Anxiety holds upon
            Reading those lines, I gulped the past times
            When heart throbbed a bit faster
            And mind felt confused
            But with the stage, and the love for speaking …ended up loving the spotlight
            Thank you so much for this wonderful poetry
            It made me nostalgic

            • ProfessionalPaperDigester

              Being such a common occurrence, I could see a lot of people relating, I love that you are able to relate to something I wrote about the same thing!

            • sorenbarrett

              Details are important. However sometimes I spend too much time with them and loose the overall glow. I loved this piece and gave me a good deal of thought and reflection.

              • ProfessionalPaperDigester

                Thanks! I try to be a little vague to add more mystique behind it, and to be more relatable since it's not as specific.

              • NABI

                So lovely...

              • Rozina

                I have been presenting lectures to numerous groups of people over the years, from students to colleagues to others. And still feel some anxiety before I speak. Once I get going it's fine.
                So when I first joined this site with a poem (only started writing during this pandemic), I was anxious about sharing. But the friends on this site have been very encouraging and I have learnt much from them.
                Your poem is excellent reflecting exactly my fears and many others.
                Just Do It (I'm not from Nike)! You'll be fine.

              • Empathic.writings

                Wow, short yet there is depth. Be confident!

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