Once in a while,

An irregular note; delivers that unseen smile.

An odd request; makes you utter unspoken words.

An unnecessary hoarding; gives that lasting warmth.

An unfamiliar person; makes you laugh like no one else.

An unexpected call; helps us keep a check on daily meals.


At times, reading an absurd articlestabilizes the mood.

clueless gesture; can make your day.

An unattainable anything; is a desired dream.

An unresolved longing; can perhaps serve as a ventilator.

An irrational demand from the one; makes you go for long walks.


In a moment,

An impulsive behavior; is just a stupid wish.

An untried something; is the biggest regret.

An undecided giveaway; is pure joy for someone.

An unpredictable moment; can be the incredible one.

An unresponsive individual; is the kindest soul you have ever met.


At times,

An insane act; is a lovely memory.

An unexceptional idea; is just a bizarre thought.

simple pat on the back; is the sweetest reinforcement.


On occasion, a crowded place; is equal to tranquility.

An unexplored path; is a hidden adventure.

nameless person; might have many sides to their personality.


For once, at least making a friend; is a Herculean task.

suspicion; probably can act as a warning.

tiny mistake; can cause catastrophic events.


Rarely, even some illogical words put together do make sense.

An unsolved puzzle; answers certain things.

An unattended ache; ensures that you are still alive.


Occasionally, Insensible ones; are more considerable than any rational.

strange text; lets you sleep peacefully.

An unplanned stopover; helps to keep a self-tap.


And, Sometimes,

An unusual commentcompletes the day.

violent confrontation; saves a relationship.

particular someone can never replace the best or worst.

An unthinkable accident; leads to handling things with care.

cynical deed; can be the start of a transformational journey.


Once in a while,

Nothing is what holds everything.


Sometimes, just sometimes,

An anonymous; teaches you a life lesson.

single hope; makes you survive the night.


And, it's NO BIG DEAL.




  • Author: bubblehead95 (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 25th, 2022 14:45
  • Comment from author about the poem: Hey there, Have you ever thought that in a life full of moments, why do we only appreciate positive things? Is it that we do it involuntarily, or is it been taught to us from the start? Well, have you ever noticed, In this process, we have made ourselves accustomed to Good, Better, and Best that we forget it does have something called Bad, Worse, and Worst? As humans, we are all full of errors, and it won't take much to recognize one to save us from future mishaps. Also, there are times when we might perceive something as pessimistic but eventually, that particular thing causes a life-changing impact positively. So what do you think this should be named? Positively Negative or Negatively positive? Just a simple thought it is. It just takes that thin incline in the perception to understand the things that have led to the place where we stand right now. And how can we forget those rare moments; they are precious and hold a very intimate place in our hearts. Maybe because of this, they are called Rare. -bubblehead95
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  • Rozina

    You are absolutely right. I like your poem.

    • bubblehead95

      Thank you so much!!!!! Rozina, for finding this one to your liking. I really appreciate it...

    • spilleronsheet

      Very beautiful write
      Resonating with those lines
      Making me flutter in my mind

      • bubblehead95

        Thank you so much!!!!! for such a sweet reply. Well, I am glad I could connect.

      • Rocky Lagou

        I mean, Wow! Your poetry just doesn't get old. You really have a flair that is so captivating and elusive as a poet and I commend you for that! The way you described these "strange" events and the paradoxes in life that are hard to describe was done so finely and richly. You really have a command over words and your poems revitalize my hope! Great poem! 💖

        • bubblehead95

          Thank you so much, Rocky!!!!! For the support and encouragement. "SOMETHINGS" here is NOT uncontrolled, no coincidences yet, so genuine. It feels different when you are not the only one who is fond of some of these 'Strange' events. Also, Thank you for faving this one as well 🙂

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