Who Am I


You want to know who am I?
I ask, you need to know this why?

It's really simple as can be,
I'm everything you can and cannot see.

I'm the clear blue color of the sky,
The innocent sound of a baby's cry.

I'm the gentle wind blowing,
A river constantly flowing.

I'm the beat of a heart broken,
Every kind word spoken.

I'm the voice of reason,
Each and every season.

I'm the Sun, Moon and Stars so bright,
Morning, Noon and Night.

I'm the World big and wide,
The ebb and flow of the ocean tide.

I'm tender compassion,
Hope in all forms and fashion.

I'm a seed blossomed into a flower,
The thunder of a spring rain shower.

I'm all beauty to behold,
A mystery to be unfold.

I'm the eyes of the blind,
Look around I'm all that you'll find.

I'm the silence , every single sound,
Each and every treasure to be found.

I'm a million shedded tears,
The ears for those who never hears.

I'm the Universe-Endless space,
The smile upon a Childs face.

I'm an out reached hand in times of sorrow, 
I was yesterday, now today soon to be tomorrow.

I'm courage in the face of fear,
The splendid music that you hear.

I'm strength strong as steel,
Every emotion there is to feel.

I'm a gentle Summers rain,
Happiness and pain.

I'm Winters cold icy snow,
Everything you will ever know.

I'm the breath taking colors of fall,
That small inner voice you hear call.

I'm pure unconditional love,
A snow white peace dove.

There is much more of whom I am to be told,
I cannot be bought, nor sold.

Do you still question who am I?
And if so I must now ask you why?





  • Author: Kimberly Banks (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 4th, 2022 13:31
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Rocky Lagou

    Okay. All I have to say is...........THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! I literally strive to uplift people with my poetry and you did this so well. I love it when people embrace the enigmas of life and express themselves in such vivid ways. This reminds me quite a bit about my own poem, Free Me From Me, in which I boost our own sense of identity and also compare ourselves to universal things like nature. You did wonderfully! 💖✨

  • Crowns4Christ

    You covered everything,it almost like a letter from God explaining that He is everything great and small,tender and loving to fearful and punishment,
    God is all things, I love this piece

  • Rainbow

    What a beautiful colourful poem

  • Rozina

    A very beautiful poem and uplifting to read. Thank you.

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